Even Treasury boffins make typos

The Taxpayers? Union?s drawn to the Government?s attention?a typo in the appropriations?in?Vote Primary Industries?which will no doubt leave some pimple faced treasury analyst with some explaining to do:

We?ve spent most of this week immersed in the?budget documents?and making notes of potentially questionable spending or unusually large increases.

To our great surprise yesterday we noticed that one of the primary growth partnerships (PGPs) that the Government is funding appeared to have undergone a massive growth in spending. We?ve expressed much concern in the past about PGPs and consider them inappropriate corporate welfare and the Government picking favourites.

According to the budget estimates distributed on Budget Day, the New Zealand Sheep Industry Transformation Project (NZSTX) is to receive 644 times more than in 2013/14. As you can see from the scan below, the budget documents show an increase in spending from??$3.3 million?to just under $2.4 billion dollars.


For comparison, $2.4 billion is roughly the same amount of appropriations?for corrections, courts and customs?combined!

I?m told that as a result of the?Taxpayers? Union?bringing it to the Government’s attention, Treasury are going to issue an ?erratum? (document pointing out that the figure is a mistake).

A bit worrying that it was a?snotty bunch of volunteers?working for?a lifestyle and travel blogger?who found the mistake rather than one of the big business groups or accountancy firms.