Greens counting chickens before they hatch


You should never count your chickens before they hatch in politics.

But that is precisely what the Greens are doing.

Isaac Davison reports:

In four months, Green MPs could become government ministers for the first time in their party’s 24-year history.

The final make-up of a Labour-Greens government would depend on several factors, in particular the role of NZ First in a possible coalition.

But if Greens are part of the government and portfolios are divided proportionally, they could expect to have up to seven ministers.

At their annual conference this weekend, MPs will discuss how ministerial roles could be allocated if they become part of a ruling coalition.

The Greens want significant portfolios in three areas – economic, social issues and environment.

Labour has ruled out giving Green co-leader Russel Norman the finance portfolio. He is expected to fight for the economic development role.

But he might not be trusted to manage a portfolio which includes oil exploration and mining. Instead, it could be split between two people, and Dr Norman put in charge of green investment or green innovation.

The Greens have unveiled a proposal for a $120 million Green Investment Bank, for which Dr Norman could be made responsible.

Co-leader Metiria Turei would seek a prominent social issues portfolio. It is understood that she has her heart set on being minister of education.

Labour is unlikely to give up major ministries such as social development or education, so she could instead get an associate role such as early childhood education.

Another possible position for her is minister for children – a new portfolio both parties want to set up.

Fourth-ranked MP Eugenie Sage could be a contender for the environment role, but is more likely to get conservation, local government, or Christchurch earthquake recovery.

It is almost certain that third-ranked MP Kevin Hague would get a significant portfolio.

It isn’t until you see the individuals’ names listed in black and white that you realise what a disastrous prospect this would be for NZ’s future.

But you still should not ever count your chickens before they’ve hatched.

Because with the emergence of predators like weasels (IP) they steal and eat some of the eggs

Then of course the nest could get raided by cuckoos (Laila Harre)

And finally someone comes along and stomps all over the nest and breaks all the eggs.


– NZ Herald