What does Labour think of the Internet Mana Party?

Not so much it seems.

Here is Phil Goff:

Internet/Mana Party

You have to ask the question why a multi-millionaire like Kim Dotcom who supported John Banks as Mayoral candidate for Auckland has made an overnight conversion to the politics of the Mana Party.

The answer is, in his own interests. Kim Dotcom wants parliamentary representatives to help him oppose his extradition. He has bought access to coat-tailing on the Mana Party?s electorate seat by promising it $3million, some of which will no doubt go in pay for the Internet Party?s new leader.

Call me old-fashioned but I believe that if it?s wrong for ACT to coat-tail on National?s gift to it of the Epsom seat, why would it be right for Dotcom to do the same with Mana? Of course it?s not. In both cases it is rorting the system which is why Labour will reform the Electoral Act in the way the independent Electoral Commission proposed last year.

I am also opposed to anyone buying a political party and buying influence by splashing out $3 million as Dotcom proposes. National allowed him to buy permanent residence in New Zealand. Now he thinks he can buy the political system.

Appointing Laila Harr? is a good disguise for why he is putting the money in but most people will see that. As the old saying goes ?He who pays the piper calls the tune?. Our political system ought not be allowed to become the plaything of the very rich. A good reason why state funding of political parties ought to be considered.

Meanwhile the best way to put an end to the game is for the people of Te Tai Tokerau to elect Kelvin Davis as their MP. He is by far the best candidate. He is a decent man who has already made a huge contribution in many ways to his community, including in the area education. As he says, in rugby he never played a single game with the intention of losing. He and Labour won?t be laying down for Kim Dotcom, Hone Harawira or Leila Harr? this time either.

Chris Hipkins is pretty blunt:

David Cunliffe😕

But Labour leader David Cunliffe said on Friday that his party is going out to win all seven Maori seats.

Mr Cunliffe said he expects that Kelvin Davis, who was 1165 votes behind Mr Harawira at the 2011 election, to run a vigorous campaign. He said there would be no deals with other parties until after the election on 20 September once it is known what voters want.

Kelvin Davis:

Mr Davis is adamant he is in the competition to win. “It would be immensely damaging up in Te Tai Tokerau. The people up there do not want to see an MP whose prepared to roll over for anyone. They want somebody up there who’s prepared to stand and fight for what’s important to them.” He told Radio New Zealand’s Morning Report programme on Friday the Internet-Mana alliance is a ruse and a scam and he would fight them for the seat. “I’m the best person – the logical, the intelligent, the sensible person – to become the Member of Parliament for Te Tai Tokerau. They can see through this whole ruse. Basically it’s a scam to get their vote.

Trevor Mallard:

Labour appears to have decided to fight…and win Te Tai Tokerau.

Now all that is needed is a Nats for Davis campaign.