Laila Harre not “Kim Dotcom’s political puppet”

Pull the other one. ?Do you really think he’s just chucking four mil into the pot to see where this puppy ends up?

Corazon Miller reports:

Internet Party Leader Laila Harr? is denying she’s Kim Dotcom’s political puppet.

And despite criticisms to the contrary Ms Harre says the party is more than just its founder.

She says she wouldn’t risk her credibility if she didn’t believe in the party’s vision.

Actually, that’s exactly what she is doing. ?Of course, her credibility isn’t really that much of a concern. When this fizzles out, as it will, she will have a soft landing back with her union. ?No harm, no foul.

The Internet Party’s new leading lady has high hopes it’ll have the power to bring about a change in government.

Laila Harre hopes the Internet-Mana coalition will be able to bring back disenchanted voters to the polling booths in time for this year’s election.

She’s also expressed an interest in working alongside the Green Party, Labour and even New Zealand First if needed but is giving a firm “no” to any deal with National.

Quelle surprise ?

The former Alliance leader is taking on the challenge of bringing the newly-formed party through the next election.

Former Labour. ?Former Alliance. ?Former Green.

She’s a political mercenary. ?And Kim’s paying.

“Friends, we are going to change the government and this is going to be awesome.”

The Prime Minister’s take on the Internet Party’s selection of former Alliance MP Laila Harr? as its leader is that she’s a threat to the left, not the right.

John Key says anyone who votes for them will be coming from the left and of no great relevance to National and the centre right.

The only place where the left will be able to get their votes is to mobilise non-voters.

Expect lots of lolly scramble policies that they will never actually have to make good on. ?Free tertiary education for all is just the start. ?I would also add writing off all student loans. ?Why not?


– Newstalk ZB