Len Brown’s vision for Auckland in tatters


Cameron Brewer has thrown a hammer smack into the middle of Len Brown?s vision?for Auckland to be ?the world?s most liveable city?.

Anti-alcohol fanatics have learn’t a thing or two from those anti-tobacco nutters and are pushing Auckland Council to make the city clamp down on mums wanting to buy a few bottles of wine for their evening dinner.

?This policy if adopted will see cordons go up around the alcohol section of every supermarket early in the morning and late at night. Annoying a lot of people, wine and beer will be roped off like we used to have in the old days when you couldn?t buy alcohol from supermarkets on Sundays. It?s ?back to the future? stuff,? says Mr Brewer.

?Mum and dad shoppers won?t be able to buy wine or beer with their weekly groceries before?9am?and after?10pm. It makes no sense, particularly the morning ban, and such a move will do little to deliver on the intention of the 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act which is all about minimising alcohol harm. These grocery shoppers are not the problem!?

Brewer is right.?The real problem is those lolly-water RTDs that Manurewa Local Board Chair Angela Dalton is fighting?and pushing for?Auckland Council to introduce tough new discretionary measures in Auckland?s Local Alcohol Policy.

What?s more of a slapping for residents of Auckland is that wowsers like Councillor George Wood who is pushing for all of this, will result in Wellington having a better hospitality sector than Auckland.

George Wood wants Aucklanders tucked up in bed just after?3am, while in Wellington, adults can stay up to?5am.

If George Wood doesn?t want to be the face of the puritanical left, he would do well to look at the ideas of Angela Dalton to solve some of Auckland?s booze problems.