Our next King comes good

It looks like the royal protocol people that have to mop up after Phil the Greek are going to have to their work cut out with King Charles.

Prince Charles has reportedly likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.

In an unguarded comment about the Russian President?s actions in the Ukraine, the Prince of Wales told a woman who had lost relatives in the Nazi Holocaust: ?And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler,? the?Daily Mail reported.

The Prince?s comment could potentially be seen as criticism of the West for failing to confront Mr Putin over his seizure of Crimea. The annexation was a first by a major power in Europe since 1945.

Commentators have likened Russia’s handing of the Ukraine crisis to Hitler?s takeovers of Poland and Czechoslovakia and have criticised Mr Putin’s use of special forces in disguise to stir up tension in disputed areas.

The Prince of Wales, who is due to meet Mr Putin at the D-Day commemorations in France on June 6, made his well-intentioned but unguarded comment during a visit to the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Mail said.

Naturally some are using this to attack Charles.

Prince Charles is facing calls to ‘abdicate’ from a British Labour MP after he reportedly compared Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler in relation to his actions in Ukraine.

The Prince of Wales has been criticised after allegedly telling a museum volunteer “now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler” during a visit to the Museum of Immigration in Halifax, Nova Scotia,?The Daily Mail?reported.

Labour MP Mike Gapes called for his abdication and tweeted that in a constitutional democracy, “monarchy should be seen and not heard.”

Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps meanwhile argued “it was not for ministers to comment on what our royals say”.

But Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg insisted the prince was “free to express himself” and told the BBC: “I have never been of this view that if you are a member of the royal family somehow you have to enter into some Trappist vow of silence.”

Prince Charles may well be bewildered most of the time but it should be celebrated when he has a more lucid moment.