Obviously David Carter hasn’t been to S&M’s on a Wednesday night

David Carter has ‘cleared’ Denis O’Rourke in his investigation into the relationship that isn’t a relationship because Denis O’Rourke specifically decided it wasn’t a relationship.

No matter how you look at it a Master/Slave relationship is still a relationship. What is obvious though is that David Carter has never been to Scotty & Mal’s bar on a Wednesday night, because if he had then he would never have made the ruling he has.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter says he has had to accept that New Zealand First MP Denis O’Rourke is not in a relationship with his taxpayer funded employee and housemate Stephen James.

NZ First’s justice spokesman Mr O’Rourke was the subject of a complaint to Mr Carter by Queenstown man David Simpson who claimed Mr O’Rourke and his out of parliament assistant Mr James were in a long term relationship. Parliamentary rules forbid MPs from employing their spouses. ?

But in a response to Mr Simpson yesterday, Mr Carter said the pair, who share a home in Christchurch, had denied they were partners when asked by Parliamentary Service.

“Based on the information made available to me I have to accept that Mr O’Rourke and Mr Jones are not spouses or partners and as such the decision by Parliamentary Service to employ Mr James did not contravene… the Speaker’s Directions”, Mr Carter told Mr Simpson.

If you believe the explanation of Denis O’Rourke that he is not in a relationship then I have a bridge I can sell you.

Perhaps Adam Bennett might like to make enquiries down at Scotty & Mal’s…you know get out of the gallery for a bit and ask a few questions.