It’s official: The Internet Party exists


via 3 News

Well, it’s all on now:

Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party, and it’s logo, have been registered by the Electoral Commission.

That means it’s clear to contest the September 20 election, but there’s still no news about whether it has struck a deal with Hone Harawira’s Mana Party.

To be registered, the party had to sign up at least 500 paid-up members, which it says it achieved within 24 hours using using a smartphone app.

The purple on its logo caused a problem when United Future leader Peter Dunne told the commission it was similar to his party’s logo, but that didn’t stop it getting through.

This personal folly of Kim Dotcom is actually going to contest the election and gather votes so that, maybe, perhaps, they will go into a coalition government so that, perhaps, they can make Kim Dotcon’s extradition a bottom-line no-no.

“This is a big step for the Internet Party and our members as we look ahead to the election,” said chief executive Vikram Kumar.

“It’s a clear signal we’re serious about delivering political change.”

Among its policies are an end to spying by the Government’s intelligence agencies, free internet access and all New Zealand’s energy coming from renewable sources within 10 years.

The party has been discussing a deal with Mr Harawira about an election alliance and running a joint list.

Mana’s president Annette Sykes says members are still thinking about that and she expected to make an announcement within weeks.

Kim Dotcom?already stood up his potential saviours in the Mana party. ?Without their electorate seat, the Internet Party is nothing but a waste of time and resources.

Here’s some speculation: ?Kim Dotcom already knows the Mana deal is dead. ?Why else would you not turn up to an event that is your only lifeline?