Poll confirms Collins/Williamson sagas are beltway issues

The Labour party have hung much on their attacks against Maurice Williamson and Judith Collins.

They believe as do their embedded journalists like Corin Dann that these issues have damaged National.

They are kidding themselves, and they only need to look at John Key;s performance in?the?house on Wednesday to realist that the government knows that both issues are beltway only and hurt them in the polls.

National’s own internal polling must have shown no dip for National in order to John Key to appear so confident. I also know that Labour’s own internal polling is showing much the same. Labour is mired in the 20s, refusing for some 3 months now to budge despite the issues and manufactured scandals.

Now a public poll has been released that shows clearly that this is a beltway issue…that no one other than Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson give a stuff about a dinner in Beijing.

Overall, the poll indicated voters seemed to be focused on issues other than the National Party’s ministerial woes. Three in four of those surveyed said Ms Collins’ Oravida conflict-of-interest affair and the debacle resulting in Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson’s abrupt resignation from the party would not have much influence on their voting choice. ?

75% say the issues are unimportant for where someone will place their vote… and ironically just 20% say it will…a number suspiciously like Labour’s own support.



Labour are in trouble, their caucus hates David Cunliffe, and are doing as little as possible to help him and plenty more to hurt him.

Meanwhile it is thought amongst many, including the gallery that David Cunliffe has had a crisis of confidence. That the polls haven’t reflect on his apparent brilliance, and it is for that reason he has been pushing David Parker to the fore. Unfortunately for labour Parker himself has lurched from one policy cock up to the next.

The budget this week will pour Labour back in their bottle,?let’s see Trevor Mallard continue on from Thursday last, digging a very deep hole for Labour over donations. The dinner in Beijing is likely to end up looking like a big Mac, Chips and Coke compared to Labour.


– NZ Herald