A few thoughts on the new Alliance

With the left wing shamelessly selling out to Kim Dotcom in the creation of the new Alliance I thought I’d share some thoughts.

One thing we do know is that left wingers are prepared to sell their souls if the ends justifies the means.

Read what Martyn Bradbury has to say:

I just don?t believe we have the luxury of telling the 285 000 kids in poverty that we preferred principled opposition than pragmatic co-operation.?

There you have it…money trumps principles…the very thing that Martyn Bradbury and his little band of socialist dreamers rail against the right for allegedly doing we see them jumping in boots and all. For just a few shiny shekels the hard left of NZ politics has dropped their trousers.

For all of the accusation they have leveled and continue to level against John banks they are doubly worse. When John Banks received a donation it was in his mind “NO strings attached”. Kim Dotcom thought he was buying favours but John Banks could not be bought and so we arrived at the point where we are today with John Banks stitched up on trial by the manipulations and mistruths by Kim Dotcom and his band of enablers and at the same time the left-wing selling their principles for a bit of german loot.

One thing we will be hearing no more from the left-wing though is the description of the coat tail provisions of MMP as a dirty little rort like in Epsom. In fact I await the lengthy posts, articles and television utterances of Patrick Gower about the dirty deals being done on the left. He will no doubt put as much effort and vigour into his reporting of that like he has done with his kickings over Epsom and Ohariu. Or will he? I suspect not.

Dodgy deals and rorts seem to be only done by the right, and not the left. It is a dodgy deal in Epsom but pragmatic use of the MMP system in Te Tai Tokerau. It is dodgy for the right to receive donations from wealthy people but not dodgy for a foreigner interloper on criminal charges to?buy two whole political parties. ? ?

The hypocrisy of the left and their enablers in the media is astonishing.

Is it likely that we will hear Trevor Mallard describe Kim Dotcom as a “German Bagman” funding political parties because of dodgy deals to stop his extradition? I don’t think so.

Will the NZ Herald rail against big money in politics from foreigners like they did against Oravida? Will Patrick Gower and Corin Dann ransack the offices of Kim Dotcom like they did in Shanghai? Hell no they won’t.

Our democracy is actually being bought and sold and it isn’t the right that is doing it…it is the left. But to quote Martyn Bradbury again they “preferred principled opposition than pragmatic co-operation”.?

Democracy bought and sold for a few shiny shekels, a laptop and an iPhone.

Personally I think it is doomed to failure. Laila Harre has about as much acquaintance with the internet as I do with vegetables. She also doesn’t play nicely with other, ever. I find it ironic that a woman who admires Stalin for achieving “more in 20 years?than the West took 200 years to achieve” is joining a nazi sympathisers party. She said that in 1987 in the Evening Post. And to my knowledge she has never resiled from that position.

However there is now a useful precedent…perhaps the Act party and Conservative party could get together and stitch up a similar deal…over Epsom…a combined list, a guaranteed amalgamation of vote percentage, and more than just one MP resulting. The left-wing could hardly complain could they?

It would mean every vote for the Conservatives would count, instead of gifting away half to the left like last time. It would also increase the perception that MMP sucks and build even more disenchantment with the flawed system that actually encourages this behaviour.

It’s worth a crack…follow the lead of the sell outs of the left-wing.