How the unions help Labour campaign

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This is how Labour manages to campaign without it costing them any money…they use unions like the Service and Food Workers Union, one of ?Labour’s biggest donors.

Not only do they provide large cash donations they also provide staff, resources and campaigning planning.

note how nasty the letter is to members, and the fact that SFWU?member automatically are Labour members whether they like it or not.

The Service and Food Workers Union is no longer a union they are a Labour party campaign arm,=.

Service and Food Workers Union newsletter

Now a couple of legal matters.

1. This is an unauthorised election advertisement
2. It’s value could be argued to be a donation to the Labour Party
3. If it’s not a donation to Labour, then this is a third party promotion. Are the SFWU registered as a third party promoter, as if not and they are spending more than $12.3k, they are in breach of third party promoter requirements

It at least warrants a complaint to?the Electoral Commission for investigation.

National has no organisation who does this sort of thing. Can you imagine the outcry from the left of the Employer and Manufacturers Association provided this sort of resourcing an d manpower to unions.

It is their attempt to screw the scrum, and with the resources and donations you have to wonder what concessions have been agreed to by David Cunliffe, who you will remember won because of the union votes in the leadership contest.

If you want to look at the corruption of our political processes and big money assistance then look no further than the union movement and their dodgy backroom deals to help Labour.

The left wing might complain about people freely giving money for a dinner and entertainment with John Key meanwhile they are expending far more than that trying to subvert our democratic processes by owning and manipulating a political party,