It wasn’t Labour, or John Key, so who ordered the censorship at Fairfax?

Earlier today I busted Fairfax with their radical censorship of an article that was published yesterday.

Huge amounts of the original article were expunged and replaced with additions that made no sense. So much was removed that it shows clear manipulation of the story by someone.

WOBH?contacted Labour and received an emphatic denial that they were involved in censoring the story. The spokesman for David Cunliffe said “We aren’t that powerful”.

Contact was also made with John Key’s people who as predicted said it wasn’t them.

I stand by my statement earlier that John Key probably laughed out loud when he saw David Cunliffe was calling him a liar.

Fairfax have now added a disclaimer to the bottom of the edited article.



They murdered the article. David Cunliffe’s speech was at a public meeting widely advertised to include a free lunch as well, if he said those words then why are Fair fax censoring it?

If it wasn’t Labour who pushed for the removal and it wasn’t the PM, then who was it?

Are we seeing blatant manipulation of the news by Fairfax gallery staff?

And is this their new standard?

If so will Hamish Rutherford’s hatchet job on Chris Bishop now be amended for “balance” to show that Labour has a gambling industry bookmaker selected as a candidate in Wairarapa and how does that reconcile against Labour’s open anti-gambling stance?

I think Fairfax have manipulated the story and in this instance have been caught providing a soft?landing for David Cunliffe and Labour after what can only be described as an outrageous speech by Cunliffe.

As I have said previously, I doubt John Key cares one bit that David Cunliffe has called him a liar so any weaselly excuse about toning the article down won’t wash.

The media are supposed to be free?to publish without?fear or favour, not resort to censorship, whether it be internal or external. If they don;t stand by the original article then remove it entirely…but to dramatically censor it in such a way is showing blatant bias.

Fairfax is censoring the news. They can’t be trusted.