We have a winner! The new leader of the Internet Party is… [ UPDATED ]


The actual leader is Laila Harre — the Alliance party lives!




Annette Sykes.


Sykes is an advocate for M?ori independence and a nuclear free, genetic engineering free independent Pacific. She was a?M?ori Party?member?but became a prominent member of the?Mana Party?in 2011.?She was listed second on the Mana Party list for the 2011 election,?as well as standing in the?Waiariki?electorate — Wikipedia

A strong advocate for Maori does not clash for being a strong advocate for Internet related policy. ?It does not clash with wanting less government surveillance and more digital privacy.

Annette has shown to?have no loyalty to a specific party, as long as she gets to push her favourite issues.

This is a master stroke.

It promotes Sykes to the Internet Mana #2 list spot, guaranteeing that with 1.2% of the party vote, both Hone and Annette end up in parliament.

All they have to do is deliver Dotcom a?veto on extradition. ?The rest doesn’t matter to him at all.

For that to happen

1. Hone has to retain his seat

2. National must lose to a substantial left coalition

3. Mana must be needed for this coalition

4. They must make Dotcom’s extradition veto a bottom line

It’s a huge gamble for Kim Dotcom, but Hone Harawira is having the time of his life. ?$500,000 richer, someone else paying to campaign for additional party votes he could never reach as Mana alone, and now, essentially, in control of two parties at once.