June 2014

Monday nightCap

Dylan Moran on Yanks vs British

Caution: Language


Today’s Trivia

via officialpsds.com

via officialpsds.com


Originally, the janitor from ‘Scrubs’ was to be in JD’s imagination. (source)


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Openly gay Anderson Cooper cant say the word vagina


This will add some entertainment before the walk of shame


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Daily roundup


He doesn’t have them back yet, does he?

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Coming to a screen near you…


Why do children in Canterbury need more mental health care than elsewhere?


I love this one.

I wonder how this one is going to fall apart.

For one, apparently the Canterbury schools need double the mental health services.  Not just the ones involved in the earth quakes THREE+ years ago, but even more!

What on earth do Labour think they’re fixing here?

Oh, hang on…. the trauma of a Labour led government perhaps?   In which case, the same question:   Why just Canterbury?

More good news

Labour can’t buy a break.

The Westpac-McDermott Miller Employment Confidence Index edged up by 1.5 points to 109.9 in the three months to June, compared with the previous period.

Unemployment has remained above 8 percent in provinces such as Northland, Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa.

A reading above 100 indicates optimism.

Westpac said perceptions about the availability of jobs improved, with the net percentage of respondents who thought it hard to get a job falling to 26.5 percent, its lowest reading since December 2008.

The percentage expecting earnings to increase over the next year rose to a net 34 percent, the highest level since December 2012.

Employment confidence was highest in Auckland, and rose in six other regions, including Canterbury and Wellington, and fell in four.

Waikato was the only region to be pessimistic about the jobs market.

Westpac said the survey suggested the recent strong growth in employment can be sustained.

As long as the All Blacks keep winning as well, everything is going well for the government.