6 year olds told to think of western woman as “white prostitutes”

The UK / Birmingham public “Trojan Horse” school debacle is getting messier and messier.

Pupils as young as six were taught to treat Western women as ‘white prostitutes’ by a school at the centre of the ‘Trojan Horse’ Islamist plot.

The shocking disclosure comes ahead of two bombshell reports into claims Muslim radicals conspired to infiltrate governing bodies of Birmingham schools.

A leaked copy of one report says teachers at Oldknow Academy told school inspectors they were alarmed by the use of terms such as ?white prostitute? and ?hellfire? in school assemblies, and that non-Muslim teachers were banned from being present.

I wonder how Muslim integration is going for the Brits?

Well-placed sources have told The Mail on Sunday that the term ?white prostitute? was used to suggest to pupils that Muslim women were moral but non-Muslim women were not.

Oldknow Academy, which has around 600 pupils, is said to have been the subject of a gradual takeover by extremists, who allegedly pushed out head teacher, Bhupinder Kondal, because she opposed the ?Islamisation? of the school.

Officially, Mrs Kondal is on sick leave, and she refused to discuss the matter with The Mail on Sunday.

She clearly feels she can’t speak out in public and remain safe. ?

a source said that teachers and pupils at Oldknow have referred to Christians as ?kaffirs?, a derogatory Arabic term meaning infidels.

The source said that as part of the Islamic takeover, urinals from the boy?s toilets were removed, in accordance with Muslim custom which frowns on those who stand up to urinate.

More than 95 per cent of Oldknow?s pupils are Muslim. It holds Islamic prayers every Friday, teaches Arabic and organises trips to Mecca.

No, of course this isn’t happening everywhere. ?And it won’t happen here.

But it could

It all comes down to the power of numbers. ? Immigrants that do not integrate, once they are allowed to congregate in sufficient numbers, can use the democratic process to implement their own needs on the rest of society.

The trick remains to ensure that New Zealand immigration policy reflects the need for immigrants to become Kiwis instead of congregate in enclaves with a longer term plan to turn Kiwis into Muslims.


– Mail Online