According to Cunliffe, last week was one of his better ones

The Nation interviewer Lisa Owen spoke with David Cunliffe

Lisa Owen: After the week you?ve had, could it get any worse?

David Cunliffe: Look I actually think this hasn?t been too bad a week at all. What?s happened is that support for me within my team is absolutely rock solid and I think public support has galvanised in the face of what people can see is pretty petty politics by the current government.

Let?s just take a look back at your week. I?m wondering why you would have used or inferred that people who don?t support you within your party are scabs, when it?s such an emotionally charged and derogatory term. What were you trying to do?

I made the point Lisa that particularly for the Labour movement over many decades when we?re up against very powerful forces one of the most important things, if not the most important thing that we need to do is to stick together and present a united front. And I?m very pleased that that is exactly what my team is doing and will do. And what we?re going to do now –

And did you need to remind them of that, that they needed to be united? Did you need to remind them??

And what we?re going to do now is to focus on the issues that matter to Kiwis. And that?s about their jobs, it?s about their homes and it?s about their families.

Oh, so it’s not about trips in China, cash for access or dodgy donations then? ?It’s taken Labour to be caught with their hand in the till regarding trips in China, cash for access and dodgy donations to suddenly realise that isn’t a winning strategy?

The Prime Minister has said that there?s more to come on Labour and Donghua Liu. Is there?

Well you know, I?ve said before if there Prime Minister has got stuff he wants New Zealanders to see nobody will be more interested to see if than we will, so he should put it on the table. When I see newspaper reports this morning that show Mr Liu is not going to be doing an affidavit and is not going to be making any further statements about donations to political parties. Perhaps that?s because he?s given more to National than he has to Labour.

Can you categorically say that there is no more?

Look I can?t disprove a negative. And in any case those would be matters for the Labour party. And they would be historical. And they would predate my leadership. So I can not be personally responsible for those matters. What I would say is that whatever evidence and I use the word evidence –

So a bit like the letter, you?re not sure, you don?t know? Can?t remember?

No, I?m saying it is impossible to disprove a negative for matters that are a matter for the party and are historical, the party will do everything it can to be open, transparent and well-governed. And I will personally ensure that going forward systems are tight and that probity is paramount.

It is very clear that the Labour Party have no idea what’s going on. ?They don’t even have a handle on their own finances to the point where they can check.


…are there?so many irregularities, that Labour don’t want to be caught owning up for any that National do not know about?

It seems to me that Labour can only clear the decks by getting it all out in the open, lest they become National’s plaything as they drip feed information for the next few months.

So either they don’t know how to, or they are sitting on something so big, they can’t risk a full confession.


– via NBR