Boys will be boys – Yeah, Nah

Frances Denz, a regular correspondent, writes:

I was shocked and horrified when I heard Labour MP Su?a William Sio state on television that ?boys will be? boys? in relation to the two cases of stabbings? by children in Auckland.

There is NO excuse for children to be carrying knives and fighting at school or in the street.? And to use knives is absolutely repugnant.

Women around the world felt a chill of fear when they heard the excuse ?Boys will be boys? given by an Indian MP when villagers raped a girl and then hung her from a tree.? This excuse was also given for another pack rape, when an MP stated that boys had to learn what was OK to do or not do, and raping was part of that learning ? and again, boys will be boys.

We are fearful when we realise that that attitude also exists here in New Zealand.?

To hear one of our MPs saying it was appalling.

This attitude is why we have such a high level of domestic violence against women and children.

It is what puts our whole society at risk.

The Labour party?must?remove Sio as an MP.? His comment was a disgraceto the party which has always professed to support the vulnerable.? And it wasn?t a throwaway line ? he repeated it twice.? So he believes violence is part of being a boy.

Well I don?t.? And I believe many people are like me and say this attitude must be stopped.? And men must also say NO to their mates when they say it.

The demand for change must come from everyone, and we expect, no demand, that MPs lead from the front and remove one of their own from Parliament.? Be the leaders you profess to be.


Frances Denz MNZM
Executive Director
Stellaris Ltd