BREAKING: David Cunliffe’s career, such as it was, is over [ UPDATED ]

Credit:  Aaron (Whaleoil Ground Crew)

Credit: Aaron (Whaleoil Ground Crew)

Jared Savage reports:

David Cunliffe wrote letter supporting Liu’s residency bid

Labour Party leader David Cunliffe – who said this week he had never met Donghua Liu or advocated on his behalf – wrote a letter to immigration officials on behalf of the controversial businessman who was applying for residency in New Zealand.

The 2003 letter was written in his capacity as the MP for New Lynn after he was “approached my constituent Donghua Lui [sic] who is concerned at the time it is taking to process his Investment Category application”.

Mr Cunliffe this week denied any involvement with Liu’s residency bid after the Herald revealed the property developer paid $15,000 at a Labour Party fundraiser for a book signed by Helen Clark in 2007.

The letter, released to the Herald today under the Official Information Act, dated April 11, 2003 said Liu’s application for residency was accepted for processing by the Immigration Service on August 13, 2002.

Mr Cunliffe said Mr Liu wished to set up a joint venture business with his Tianlong Property Development Company – which owns his stalled property development in Newmarket – to export large quantities of agricultural and horticultural products to China.

“It is hoped that products from the company will be available to the market in July 2003,” wrote Mr Cunliffe.

So, yesterday, and even this morning, David Cunliffe has vehemently denied that he didn’t know anything about Liu. ?


He has seriously done it this time.

Polls below 30%, lying to the people, dodgy secret donations, unrecorded and undeclared donations from Liu and now this.

The Labour Constitution allows for a leader to replaced without going to the membership when the election is near. ?The deadline is this Friday. ?So, if Labour wants to replace David Cunliffe without an “internal election”, they can do so this weekend.

This is the “Mike Moore” option, and my good sources inside Labour tell me the numbers are being run.


– NZ Herald