About that carbon tax huh?

The Green party thinks that a carbon tax is a good idea, the commentariat all thought that was a good idea too.

I think I was alone in saying that the Greens clearly didn’t learn from Australia where they got rinsed in the last election, mainly because of support for the carbon tax.

Yesterday, the left wing’s prefered poll, Roy Morgan came 0ut and we can see that Kiwi voters are a lot like Australian voters and are telling the Green party through their responses that they can shove their carbon tax.


The Greens have been bleeding support and have lost a substantial proportion of their support in recent months.?

Everyone knows, except the Greens, know that a carbon tax is electoral poison. Even Labour, after recent internal polling, know it as well. They’ve decided to oppose it too.

Labour opposes the Green Party’s new carbon tax policy, saying the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) was its preferred option.

Labour leader David Cunliffe said today his party would negotiate with the Greens on the policy, but did not favour it.

“That’s the Green’s position, not ours,” he said on Firstline.

“Our position is in favour of an Emissions Trading Scheme, which is well managed – not one that’s been gutted by the current government policy.

“An ETS is probably slightly more complex, but slightly more effective in terms of allocating the costs and benefits of a carbon price across the board.”

Labour would also see New Zealand back in post-Kyoto international negotiations on global warming.

The Greens launched their carbon tax policy during the weekend.

Co-leader Russel Norman said the party would scrap the ETS in favour of a tax of $25 per tonne of carbon on industry polluters.

How can these guys ever govern when they can’t agree.