Carbon Tax – Winston says no, and Labour too scared to say

Given that on OneNews Winston Peters said that NZ First would not support the Carbon tax that there is no zero chance of a Labour led coalition?

It would seem so because Labour too has refused at least to overtly support the tax, instead taking the coward’s way out and saying they will wait until after the election.

In a move seen as unfair to voters, Labour is refusing to say whether they support the policies or not until after the election.

The most recent ONE News Colmar Brunton political poll gave Labour 30% of the party vote, meaning to govern they would need to join forces with other parties.

Chris Trotter, editor of Political Review, says if Labour won’t say how they will work with other parties then voters will “turn to the others”.

Green Party co-leader Russel Normal says climate change is the most challenging issue of our time. The Greens’ solution is a tax on pollution intended to transition New Zealand to carbon neutrality by 2050. ??

The climate protection plan will phase out the Emissions Trading Scheme and place a tax on carbon, the revenue from which will all go back to households and businesses in the form of a climate tax cut on the first $2000 of income.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he does not support the Green Party’s carbon tax.

With the major partner refusing commitment and Winston Peters rejecting the carbon tax there is a real problem amongst the parties that think they can lead this country.

David Cunliffe seems to be playing politics like Winston Peters, or at least is absent when it counts.

Apparently being “off grid” on a holiday is more important to David Cunliffe than dealing with tax implications of his potential coalition partners.

I’m all for the Greens campaigning on a carbon tax…we only need to look across the Tasman to see what voters think about carbon taxes, you’d think and Australian like Russel Norman would have realised that.