Why Colin Craig is a political fool



His appearance on The Nation where he had this exchange with Patrick Gower:

PG: You?re talking about it. This is politics. This is the big boy stuff. So if you?re sending messages like that, that?s how they?re picked up. It looks like a cry for help.

CC: Well look, it?s not a cry for anything. All I?m saying is if National choose to do something I don?t control that. But I?m not sitting down and doing an Epsom-style deal and we made it very clear that we wouldn?t.

PG: Yeah you?re going worse than Epsom-style deal. You?re doing a gold-plated cup to tea where there?s no candidate. It?s never been done before in New Zealand politics.

CC: ?Well we?re not asking for that. I?ve made it very clear we?re not.

PG: Yeah but you?re talking about it. That?s how you do things in politics Colin. This is the-

CC: No look. If National ? I?ve been asked what might National do or what could they do and would I say yes or no to it. It?s nothing to do with me. What National want to do is their business.

PG: So you?d be very happy to stand against a National candidate?

CC: Absolutely. We are making our decisions based on where we are going to maximize party vote. We are not asking the question at all of where are National making a space. Because we?re not the National Party. ??

PG: So which one of those could you beat? Which one of those three candidates could you beat? And tell the truth.

CC: Well look, I don?t think I could beat any of them unless we run a fantastic local campaign and people get behind us. Last time I ?

PG: So just ? you don?t think you could beat any of them? Any of those three: Paula Bennett, Mark Mitchell, or Murray McCully.

CC: I think being very realistic, um, it?d be a big call to say that you?re going to beat a sitting National MP, and let?s count Paula Bennett as sitting because half the electorate is one she?s… Or a Labour MP.

He says he can’t win…loser talk. There is no room in politics for losers. If he can’t win an electorate he doesn’t deserve to be listened to.

That means there will be no deal and nor should their be. You have to earn an electorate seat, fight for it hard like Rodney Hide did and then deals are possible. To now claim he will get 5% shows he is actually dreaming.

100 days out from the election we can see plain as day what Colin Craig’s plan is…trash talk National, make out he is their saviour, convince some idiots in National to swap their votes…and magically get 5%.

The problem is Colin Craig is sitting there?attacking National with all their ads trying to peel off their own support and then expects a deal. Not going to happen. He is only attacking National, why would a National supporter swap their vote to another party that only attacks their chosen party?

Colin Craig has lined himself up in the opposition ranks. He is now the enemy and must be crushed like all others.

This is how politics is played…and Colin Craig is about to find that out.