It couldn’t happen here, could it?

Poor immigration policy that allows in people who will not integrate into the host country results in problems down the road. ?20, 30 even 50 years later. Utopian, PC, liberal and touchy feely people are undermining what the host country is about.

Can’t ?happen here? ?Won’t happen here? ?There is still time for us not to make the same mistakes.

In the UK, it is now dividing the Tories

A frustrated David Cameron today vowed to ‘sort out’ a Cabinet row between two top Tories over how to tackle Islamic extremism in schools.

The Prime Minister said he would ‘get to the bottom’ of a spat between Education Secretary Michael Gove and Home Secretary Theresa May.

The extraordinary intervention came after Justice Secretary Chris Grayling, siding with Mrs May, dismissed claims from Mr Gove that not enough was being done by the Home Office to root out radicalism in Britain. Mr Grayling said: ‘I don’t buy that argument.’

The row centres on the Department for Education?s response to warnings of a plot by hardline Islamists to seize control of Birmingham schools.

In a letter Mrs May said concerns had been raised about the ?inability? of local and central government to tackle the alleged plot in Birmingham schools.

But Mr Gove argued radicalisation must be tackled at its roots by stepping up the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy to take on those spreading extreme messages in the community.

It should be noted they are beyond the point of disagreeing a problem with radical Islam exists. ?They are beyond debating it already has taken over certain public schools. ?All they are now arguing about is how to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. ?

The UK PM said

‘I set up the UK extremism task force, which I set up after the appalling murder of Lee Rigby because I wanted to make sure that the Government is doing everything that it could to drive extremism out of our schools, our colleges, off our campuses, out of prisons, out of every part of national life.

It is very important that we recognise that you have got to deal not only with violent extremism but also the sink of extremism, of tolerating extremist views, from which violence can grow.

‘The whole Government is signed up to that agenda and is driving through changes to deliver that agenda.’

Today Mr Grayling rejected the suggestion from Mr Gove, and former Labour minister Hazel Blears, that not everything is being done to tackle to problem.

Note that even the Labour party isn’t against the idea. ?In fact, they say the Tory government isn’t doing enough.

The fear of antagonising moderate Muslims isn’t a reason to leave the problem of the Islamification of the UK to sort itself out.

In New Zealand, such a scenario is still a long way off, although we’re already experiencing the first growing pains with Muslims being at the centre of declaring Jihad and being involved with Al Qaeda.

New Zealand immigration policy needs to carefully balance the mix of migrants, not just for skills, but also for their ability to accept a new way of life – not just import and enforce their old one, first on their immediate community, and eventually on the rest of us.


– Daily Mail