No cup of tea needed – ACT gifted Epsom


Brook Sabin reports

After the National Party’s Epsom candidate Paul Goldsmith dodged The Nation’s Epsom debate, he went very quiet.

And Mr Goldsmith admitted that, once again, winning the seat is not his priority. That means he is out to lose and the infamous Epsom cup of tea deal is being done again.

When asked why he was a no-show at the Epsom debate, he answered the National Party was doing the best job it can.

Why only do this in Epsom then? ? Cup of tea deals could be done in other safe National electorates. ?

Last election Mr Goldsmith went out to lose, because National gave John Banks and ACT the cup of tea deal. And the deal is clearly back on with ACT’s new candidate David Seymour.

Once again Mr Goldsmith does not want Epsom voters to give him their electorate vote.

“I’m concentrating on the party vote,” he said.

The deal is just not official yet as National is also looking at a deal with Colin Craig – likely in either Murray McCully’s East Coast Bays seat or Rodney.

Yeah? ? Nah….

Yet Rodney’s National MP Mark Mitchell tweeted two days ago “no way” will he do the same as Mr Goldsmith and roll over.

But today it seems Mr Mitchell may have been muzzled – all he would say was “no comment”.

The ACT Epsom deal is all but done. Prime Minister John Key says he will officially announce all electorate deals at the same time ahead of the election.

The tricky one is what to do about Mr Craig – which may require an unwilling MP to “do a Goldsmith”.

The National Party are going to make a huge mistake entertaining a Colin Craig deal. ?This isn’t about cups of tea. ?The man would never be selected as a National Party candidate on his talents alone. ?He is just completely unsuitable for the job.

Now, I realise a fair proportion of my readers are a fan of a more right leaning National, and they see the Conservative Party as a vehicle to pull National to the right. ? In fact, National can even “donate” some of its policies and pretend they are less right than they want to be, yet still get it done.

All of this looks great on paper – until you meet and have to work with Colin Craig. ? He’s just the wrong guy. ?Let’s see how desperate, pragmatic or principled National are.


– 3 News