Why Doesn’t Labour’s Leadership Election Code of Conduct Appear on their web site?

dfsghDavid Cunliffe has got tits for hands and despite MMP meaning he should be able to win this election he is going to lose. He rooted his chances by spending 14 years in parliament doing nothing to build his donor base or his party infrastructure, thinking that New Zealand would all say ?Hallelujah? when he became leader and elect him for life.

This didn?t happen, and Cunliffe is going to take one for the team because Robbo is to much of a big girls blouse to roll him. ?

This means there is going to be another Labour leadership election in the latter part of this year, so readers who are interested will want to know how the leadership election is run. They will go to the Labour web site and find the constitution.

https://www.labourparty.org.nz/sites/default/files/2014%20Constitution.pdf? (or, for safety, a copy here 2014 Constitution)

Appendix B is the leadership election page. It starts on page 46 and outlines how Labour?s donors get to vote for the leader. It also mentions a Code of Conduct in the definitions on page 46, and on page 48, 3.2.7 there is the following passage.

All Agents must attend the Code of Conduct meeting with the candidate (see 3.7.9), and agree to abide by the Party Constitution, the rules and the Code of Conduct for candidates.

The constitution then rabbits on about the Code of Conduct some more. Page 52, 3.7.8

3.7.8 All candidates and Agents will have to sign a Code of Conduct for candidates, which is designed to protect the integrity of the election process, aiming for the election to be as fair as practicable. See Appendix D of the Rules for the agreed Code Candidates and their Agents may seek advice and guidance from the Returning Officer about compliance with the Code, and the Returning Officer will seek to resolve all queries as soon as practicable on a query being received.

Being dead set useless the Labour Party doesn?t actually manage to put the Code of Conduct in Appendix D. The appendices finish on page 56 with C.

This is typical of a totally dysfunctional party. They cant even get their own Constitution right.