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Female Announcer robot

Female Announcer robot

Look out overpaid TV stars – here is the news… with an ANDROID! World’s first robotic broadcasters are so lifelike they can read reports without stumbling

The Kodomoroid and Otonaroid droids were revealed at Tokyo Museum
Both droids have silicone skin, artificial muscles and are remote-controlled
The creepy-looking robots speak so smoothly they are eerily lifelike
In a demonstration, robots read the news and interacted with the audience
There were some glitches such as lips not moving while one robot spoke

My question is very simple. WHY? It is solving a problem that does not exist. Do we have a shortage of humans capable of reading the news on Television?

My next question is why a woman? Both announcer robots displayed were of a female appearance. The intelligence required by these male robot designers to build these droids is undeniable but the fact that they are building droid women concerns me.

Am I being too sensitive? The robots were designed and built in Japan which does not have a culture known for feminism. The stereotype of the inscrutable Japanese is not helped by the fascination with artificial humans that lack emotion.

WARNING below link not safe for work

Not to be tacky but they also have a booming industry selling life like ‘ doll ‘ companions for men that can be made exactly to the customers specifications.

Do any of you remember the classic film Cherry 2000, starring Melanie Griffith? I can’t help but feel that it is towards that kind of future that the Japanese are heading.