Greens fighting battles past, this time it is abortion


For some reason the Greens have decided that abortion should be a defining issue of this campaign.

They have decided to have as a policy a change to abortion law to streamline the killing of children faster.

The Greens have ratified a policy on abortion, which would get rid of a process a certified consultant says is “perfectly workable”.

Abortion is a crime under the Crimes Act, and is legal only if two consultants agree that the pregnancy would seriously harm the woman’s physical or mental health, or that there is a substantial risk the child would be born seriously disabled.

The Greens want abortion removed from the crime statutes, saying it would reduce stigma and judgment surrounding the procedure. This would mean a woman seeking one would not need external approval.

“The Green Party trusts women to make decisions that are best for them and their whanau/family,” women’s spokeswoman Jan Logie said.

That’s nice…they make a decision that another kid isn’t wanted, so reef it out…never to be part of a family so someone can decide what is best for them. ?

In some respects I get this…but for the Greens to call this a good decision for them and their whanau ignores the implications for the unborn child. Though I suspect in a lot of cases the kid is probably better off dead than an unwanted hungry mouth in a house of ferals.

Statistics show that most abortions are from Europeans (8,266), I’d also suspect they are from the leafy suburbs too. Maori are next with 3,596 abortions and Asians?third with 2,480, Pasifika coming a distant fourth.

Statistics from 2012, the latest available, showed 14,745 abortions were carried out in New Zealand, the lowest number since 1995. The median age of women having an abortion was 25 years and in 62 per cent of cases it was the woman’s first abortion.

People who like to think they are social liberals like David Farrar say it is good that abortion numbers are falling…why do they say that? Surely it is legal and acceptable, why is it a problem that abortion numbers are high? The logic escapes me.

But there could be an argument that the Greens proposal doesn’t go far enough. Perhaps abortion should be legal up the age of 5 for unwanted kids…it would certain drop the statistics for kid bashings and killings amongst some in our society…the reality is people who kill their kids are merely dispatching an unwanted or annoying mouth, they are just really, really, late term abortions. It is no different really to abortion, just there is this arbitrary line in the sand that says it is murder after they are born and not before.

It would certainly make it easier, in the?”best interests of the whanau/family” to not have caregivers?have to put kids in driers or throw them on the roof or bash them until they die…just pop along to your local really Late Term abortionist and drop the kid off like a stray cat to be put down.