Henderson needs more loving

Len in Fiji

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A reader writes:

Hi Cam,

Was it just me, but did anyone see the tv clip a few nights ago where Len Brown had made the trip out to the site of the recent fatal stabbing of the diary owner in Railside Avenue in Henderson.

At such a s tragic turn of events you would think that the mayor (flanked by Penny Hulse) would have something at least sympathetic if not enlightening to add.

I wasn’t expecting much to tell you the truth… as he makes my flesh crawl…but what he said left me gobsmacked.

He said – words to this effect – “Henderson needs more loving

Moderator now required – [ redacted! ]

My husband, my two teenaged daughters and myself were rolling with laughter – the eldest actually fell off the couch.

At the same time we were absolutely outraged at this idiot and deeply ashamed to find his comment so funny in light of this terrible event and the suffering of this poor man and his family.

What a dork – how patronising, bizarre and sleazy! Our rates pay for this idiot.

Have a look at it if you can, it is a cracker.

The man is looking to be relevant. ?He’s looking for acceptance. ?He’s looking for his life, to be honest.

And he isn’t going to find as a mayor of Auckland.

The amount of political grief porn from Phil Twyford, David Cunliffe and Len Brown?Labour just goes to demonstrate that there is absolutely nothing sacred to them if they think there is a vote in it.