The Internet Party and Postie Plus. No, really

Postie Plus is in trouble.  One News reports

Today staff were told the company, which has been dressing Kiwis for more than 100 years, has been placed in voluntary administration after racking up millions of dollars in debt.

“Last year they lost $10.6 million. I suspect that 2014 was going to be heading towards an even worst result,” says Martin Allison of investment managers Craigs Investment Partners.

“The banks have said ‘enough’. The administrators have been called in.”

Oh bugger.

What does this have to do with the Internet Party, you ask?

Well, it gets ridiculous quickly, but here it goes:  The Internet Party leader, Laila Harre is a unionist from way back.  In fact, she left a union (did she really?  I doubt it)… let’s say she is on a sabbatical from the union, so her heart is still very strongly linked to industrial employment issues.

So, as you expect, upon hearing the news about Postie Plus, she took to Twitter


If I was Vikram Kumar and Kim Dotcom, I’d like her to focus on what I was paying her for, but that’s not the issue right now.  Look what happened next:  

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 8.44.16 pm



Now we all know that the Internet Party is nothing but a scam, and the whole process of using MMP to score a hit on Key on behalf of Mr “I’ll destroy, anybody” Dotcom, but to have it so clearly illustrated mere days into her job is rather sooner than I expected.

She has absolutely no idea what she’s doing.   How this is possibly going to make it to the election without some sort of a complete structural and public failure is beyond me.

She now heads a party that has, as one of its objectives, the aim to optimise the use of the Internet.  That means this will destroy traditional employment as we know it.   You only have to look at postal workers as an example of the steady transformation that the Internet has caused within their industry.

A mail order company that doesn’t embrace the Internet is a dead duck.  And a union that is trying to use its powers to stop the march of the Internet is one thing, but to have an Internet Party headed by a unionist that then tweets her best wishes to workers that are losing their jobs because of the Internet…

It’s absurd.



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  • johnbronkhorst

    Leaves just enough time to say:

    • Cowgirl

      Ooh I do enjoy a good gloat :)

  • johnbronkhorst

    First Union will be there in force……………to do what exactly?

    • Sabotage the Internet?

    • Wine Man

      Perhaps they can provide jobs for all the workers as paid up employees of the IP, they still need to get some electorate candidates sorted!

      • Excellent lateral thinking.

    • ex-JAFA

      To do what unions always do to struggling businesses: ensure their utter destruction as quickly as possible, under the auspices of “protecting jobs”, rather than to allow the business to restructure and rebuild with a smaller, more efficient, and better focused workforce.

  • notrotsky

    Can we ask Ricky Gervais to come down and make a sitcom – the material is magnificent.

    if only McPhail and Gadsby were still about.

    • Bubbleguppy

      Bet John Clarke is watching. Ton of material here.

  • JC

    Now, just who’s party is this again?


  • All_on_Red

    Oh, that’s just gold.

  • AnonWgtn

    Whilst I am diametrically opposed to Laila Harre’s politics I used to think that she had some common sense (but no education).
    Has her inherited wealth gone to her head ?
    As Cullen would say “Rich Prickess”.

    • kiwibattler

      First time around she wasn’t under the same internet scrutiny as she is facing today – times have moved on and media spin can now be easily unravelled by sites such as this one……

  • Wine Man

    Once a communist, always a communist. Cant wait to see the IP policy on Copyright Protection and Workers Rights. Bet thats gonna be conflicted!

  • john Doe

    Politics can very much be dog eat dog. Laila would be well advised to stick to the party line or she well may end up eating herself.

  • austenpub

    Is Laila Harre a ghost writer for Dr Seuss books? What a nut job. The history of Postie Plus is that it was a mail order operation (today’s equivalent to the internet) on the west coast and had good business when import restrictions ruled our life. Rather than go to the internet (it wasn’t around then) it chose to go to bricks and mortar, spend all its capital on stupid acquisitions and turn its face to the internet until it was too late. Lots of property leases now (rent,rates and insurance), reducing sales and lots of competition from online sellers – and she wants to bring in “union power” and hasn’t a clue about what really needs to be done. Help! The loonie is in the asylum office and might get to be in charge.

    • Boss Hogg

      Perhaps Chairman Punter could take a consultant position with MIP……..another “visionary”

    • Jas

      It wasn’t their whole problem though. Just as much would be the range they tried to sell.

      • austenpub

        Of course – but they stayed with that range because it was what they offered in the “old days”. Their early “success” hobbled them to an unsuccessful present. Sad but that’s what happens if you don’t adapt quickly. Buying Rendells and Arbuckles was a serious error. They were “passed it” businesses too.

        • Jas

          Yes, and having the world’s best website would probably have not helped in the end either.

  • Toby

    I should love the internet party.
    When you look at their website I agree with a good chunk of their policies.

    The problem is that there is a major disconnect between their website and what is really going on behind the scenes.

    Its a farce of epic proportions and what is so amazing is that they seem to have no issue carrying out the farce in broad daylight.

  • Tiberius


    • OnyaMate

      urban dictionary meaning of smog

      Term used by gay men still officially “in the closet” to proposition others without directly asking for sex

      • Tiberius

        I thought it meant: Social Media Own Goal

      • JustanObserver

        He really is just a Flatmate …

  • Sally

    Really it is no longer The Internet Party more the New Alliance Party.

  • kayaker

    I saw that thread last night. Gave me a real chuckle. Oh, the irony… That, plus the LinkedIn profile (not updated as of last night).

  • Ginny

    Why would anyone want to buy Postie Plus now that she has called in the unions?

  • kiwiinamerica

    Dotcom doesn’t care. He’s pouring $3m+ into a party that has an anchor electorate seat so any growth in the aggregate left vote is on its way to another MP to try and deny Key a governing coalition. The left leaning media (with a few principled exceptions that have been published here at WO) won’t care if it means Cunliffe gets over the line and heads a left wing hydra government.
    Three things will easily negate the corrosive affect of this money:
    (i) Donations to Kelvin Davis
    (ii) Encouragement to the Maori Party to not stand in TTT and urge their supporters to vote for Davis – this will easily swamp Hone’s meagre majority – game over
    (iii) John Key to tap McCully on the shoulder and have him vacate East Coast Bays for Colin Craig and go on the Nat’s list. Conservatives should score 3% and its hard to see the IMP garnering more than a net +3% for the left because the first votes all their promo money will buy will be off the Greens and Labour.

    • peterwn

      Kim would have made $4M available because of the inefficiency factor. She needs $4M to run a campaign which any decent manager could run for $1M.

  • POY

    I wonder if the PirateParty will start a war with the internet Party – as they are making the internet advocates look really bad

    • richard.b

      Do they have wooden legs and parrots?

  • Kimbo

    Reminds me of the left-wing bile and stupidity that was replayed when Maggie Thatcher died.

    Some stupid hardcore unionist former coal miner was interviewed on the TV basically echoing “ding dong, the witch is dead” moaning that all they wanted in the 1980s was to “keep the status quo”.

    Like life REALLY works that way, and that is SUCH a reasonable request…NOT

    I’m sure if Laila and the rest of her comrades had their way there would still be nationalised rope and sail-making industries employing hundreds of thousands to produce the materials needed to build ships like Nelson’s HMS Victory…in an age of nuclear submarines.

    • POY

      Wouldn’t be submarines, as anyone who designed anything new would get a “lesson” from the union thugs to keep in line.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    When a double face palm isn’t enough…
    Irony like this will sting Laila more than 2 x smelly snapper slapped around the common sense.
    Omni-cluster shambles from LeftCircus!
    At least IMP have the Greens and Labour to help them look credible by comparison….

  • ElZorrodePlata

    So why is the Leader of a fringe political party endorsing a Trade Union that is in reality a contributor to the Labour Party? Well it’s true a leopard can’t change its spots. Still a raving loopy lefty.

  • boristhefrog

    If this were a script for a TV show the writers would be thrown out for writing unbelievable garbage… yet here we are… watching this in real time for free…. I am going to get so fat chowing down on all this popcorn…

    • andrew carrot

      Shortland Street writers haven’t yet been thrown out for producing absolute garbage. TVNZ provides another precedent.

  • Homer

    Well as laila said, first union will help them. First by paying all their wages via overcharged dues and then, uhm…… Well, how will they help them…. Aaaah that’s right, they can’t

    • hamsap

      sure they can… offer the position as an IP rent-a-mob for further protest and vigil to those made redundant….

  • austenpub

    I wonder if this dill brain (the lispy one) has even heard the term “Net neutral” let alone what it means. Now that might be where the IP has any connection with the evil capitalists who want to “own” the Internet. Just that she has no clue what-so-ever. None. Zip. Zero. Her own arrogance, hubris and lack of real world skills/knowledge will ensure she continues to be of no value at all.

    • She is definitely in the right place then…..

    • Abjv

      Dont think she knows much about internet at all. EU courts have just ordered Google to implement take-down notices to hide search results. Good for privacy? Yes, for your own privacy, if you issue a take-down notice. But it also means the EU courts have just instructed a private company to control what Joe Public is allowed to find and not allowed to find, on the internet. if the restriction point was the CIA/NSA or the suppression filters that NZ DIA wanted to apply, the left would be up in arms over the censorship. But a court ordering a private company to do this is perfectly ok and not worth commenting on?

      One would expect an “internet” party to have a very strong view on this. Instead we get a Kia Kaha on Postie Plus workers, with the comment the union is coming to their rescue ?…..The biggest internet issue of the day?

      the Inter-not-get-it party I suspect.

  • ratchette

    The Internet Party lives a lie,
    Dreaming dreams as days go by.

    (I wrote that myself)

    • Harvey Wilson

      Writing poems is easy as pie
      I hope to write one before I die.

  • Grandstream

    Memo to Lala Hairy, from Vikram and Daddy Warbucks,(Coatesville branch)

    Stop tweeting and saying dumb things. Effective now, your twitter rights have been terminated. All future tweeting to be approved by Real leaders office, not puppet office. Can you please inform media hacks, that your ISP is Orcon, as party sponsor. Orcon, rhymes with Dotcom……easy peasey.

    Kim is organising Bram to visit and teach you about the interweb & other useful stuff you may need to know when talking to media – dont worry, nothing too technical, just a few buzz words, as media not much brighter than you. Please make sure when talking with media make sure they can see your new Samsung phone, courtesy of sponsor.

    Remember strategy – lots of news bites and big ideas, no costings or pricings. Try and dress a little more youthful, maybe a new piercing or tattoo – that is cool with kids. Mona has left lots of clothes at HQ, please come and see what fits, try her old maternity clothes…..maybe you should lose a few pounds while you are at it.

    If you see Derek Handlemonkey, don’t rub it in his nose that you got the job he wanted. Promise him ride in copter next time he visits, and ask him to stop tweeting bad things about IMP. Remind him that sour grapes is not a good look unless you have big Hummer and porn star girlfriend like glorious leader.

    Please call Hone and remind him that you will be next Minister of Justice in Labour,IMP, Green govt. Winnie has agreed minister outside of cabinet, and confidence and supply support…..agreed for a bargain price, and knighthood.

    Ask Matt McCarten to bring David to next strategy meeting at HQ, Hone and Rusel will be there. He missed important message re Hone’s seat. Has he forgotten agreement he made ? Tell him I have video of meeting which can be released to media.

    Have you told Brendan Horan he is not going to be on the list, and that IMP will not buy a share of his race horse. Tell him job at TVNZ is looking good after election, “Political editor”…..nice.

    Viki & Daddy

    This message will self destruct in 20 minutes, I know you are a slow reader.


    Just ITeething problems….

  • Niff

    No doubt she thinks its a management plot beat up the workers. The left do not understand that to create jobs you need to have (lefties all hold noses now), PROFIT.

  • LesleyNZ

    Maybe she got her grey pant suit from Postie Plus………………….

  • Pete

    Does anyone remember the tune?
    “There’s a hole in your bucket, dear Laila, dear Laila,
    There’s a hole in your bucket, dear Laila, a hole”