Kea had “crossed a line in the sand” – bloody winged Saddam Husseins


Stuff has a story about large numbers kea that have moved into Kaiteriteri.

They are annoying the locals.

One photo shows kea attacking a solar array on someone’s roof.

Pesky kea are again bothering homeowners in Kaiteriteri, a seaside town in the Tasman district, and the message from authorities is that humans have to learn to co-exist with the curious birds. ?

Last October four kea believed to have damaged solar panels, campervans and boats in the area were trapped at Bethany Park camp at Kaiteriteri and moved near Rainbow skifield but Department of Conservation biodiversity ranger Leigh Marshall said that was a “not a sustainable way of living with wildlife”.

At the time, DOC biodiversity ranger Kate Steffens had said DOC was reluctant to move kea but in this case, they had “crossed a line in the sand”.

Marshall said DOC had received a few calls in the past couple of weeks from Kaiteriteri residents advising the department that kea were back in the area although they have not been seen at Bethany Park since they were moved.

“There’s definitely still the perception that we will just come and move them but that’s not the case. We have to learn strategies of how we can live with them.”

How will the Greens deal with this wee dilemma: how does it address the damage caused by native fauna to holy grail green energy initiatives?