Labour’s poll disasters continue, latest Herald Digipoll out and Nats are over 50%

The David Cunliffe experiment has failed and Labour continues to languish below rating that former leader David Shearer enjoyed.

The latest NZ Herald Digipoll has been released and it clearly shows Labour has no traction…and that a carbon tax is an electoral killer for the Greens.


The poll has National on 50.4 per cent (down 0.4), Labour on 30.5 (up 1), and the Green Party on 10.7 (down 2.4).

Of the smaller parties, NZ First is on 3.6 (no change), the Conservative Party 1.5 (up 0.2), Maori Party 0.8 (up 0.6) and Act on 0.7 (down 0.1). United Future is on 0.1 (up from zero).

Internet Mana got 1.4 – the combined total of 0.5% for Mana, the 0.2% for Internet Party and the 0.7% who said Internet Mana.

There were 12.2 per cent undecided voters.

I believe that the reporting of the Internet Mana result is highly misleading conflating three separate numbers to give them that total.

John Key remains sky high as preferred PM and voters still are shunning David Cunliffe.


Labour are in serious trouble as the three month restricted period comes around. Time is running out and even small gains now in their numbers simply won;t allow them or their pals on the left to overtake National.

With NZ First travelling well under the threshold they are in trouble too.

As predicted though the Internet Mana Alliance party is only taking votes from the weirdos int he Greens. They are basically sharing the same incredibly small slice of electoral pie.

in order for the left to win they really need to start carving off chunks of National support and there simply is no reason for voters to do that.



– NZ Herald