Mike Williams vs Honesty


I note a number of people are trying to talk up ‘honest’ Mike Williams.

two things smell on this scoop….1) Jared Savage is not known for for honesty, or sobriety. Known for making things up and not actually investigating facts.
2) Mike “fat bastard” Williams says he didnt know about it – this strikes me as odd. Mike has a nose for money, and was great at raising money for labour. One of his greatest skills was extracting every last dime from a potential whale (no pun intended). Having heard Mike brag about his network for raising cash, he never mentioned this guy once. For those who know Mike, this would be out of character if indeed Liu gave cash to Labour. SO, very uncomfortable situation here……labour being hypocrites and savage telling truth or mike williams not telling the truth – on reflection, I believe mike williams over anything savage would print.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten about this😕

Mike Williams was also on the boards of a number of government agencies, one of which was the NZTA.

Let’s just say that suppliers and tenderers for NZTA projects know all about Mike Williams and his “fundraising” activities.

He isn’t known as “Fat Tony” for nothing.