One donation confirmed from Donghua Liu’s statement, what next Mr Cunliffe?

David Cunliffe made the rather stupid mistake of calling a multi-millionaire Chinese born citizen a liar and implored that he put up or shut up about his donations.

Mr Liu has started that process, by confirming one of the donations….if one is correct perhaps the rest are too.

Jared Savage continues his death by a 1000 cuts on Labour.

A donation from Donghua Liu to a rowing club linked to a former Labour Cabinet minister has been confirmed.

Duncan Barr, the president of the Hawke’s Bay Rowing Club, said today the millionaire businessman gave $2000 in 2007, which backs up a signed statement from Liu.

He was unaware of the donation when the?NZ Herald?called last week, but checked with long-serving members who confirmed the gift.

Mr Barr said the club purchased new rowing blades and said Liu was introduced to the club by Rick Barker, the then Minister for Internal Affairs, whose daughter was a club member.

Is this the same Rick Barker who claims he can’t remember Donghua Liu??

Why, yes it is.

The confirmation comes after Labour has denied other allegations in the signed statement from Liu, including the claim he paid “close to $100,000” for wine at fundraising auctions.

Prime Minister John Key – who has known of Donghua Liu’s claims of large donations to the Labour Party for some weeks – today said he was not aware of any suggestions Labour did not follow the rules with regard to any such payments.

His comment comes as Labour readies big legal guns for its defence in the event evidence of improper donations from Liu emerges.

Liu’s claims of donations to Labour include a signed statement saying he paid close to $100,000 for wine at an auction fundraiser in 2007.

The Herald has also been told he paid $15,000 for a book signed by Helen Clark, Prime Minister at the time. Labour says it has so far been unable to find records of the donations.

What is worse though is the first claim is correct, I’ll lay good money that the rest are likely to be proved as well.

And then Labour has a massive problem.

Where is the money?

Why wasn’t it declared?

And if Labour doesn’t have it then who trousered the cash?


– NZ Herald