The Press continues pimping the poor

Seems The Press are at it again?

One woman The Press spoke to claimed to have been sleeping in Wainoni Park intermittently for two weeks, with her 19-month-old son. Heather Te Wani said while awaiting a Housing New Zealand property, she had been staying with her aunt, whose house was now undergoing earthquake repairs.

Her aunt had moved in with relatives and there was no room for her and her son, Manaaki, she said. Te Wani had been sleeping under play equipment in the Hampshire St park as she felt she was exhausting offers from friends and family, and did not “want to be a charity case”.

She bundles Manaaki in blankets in his pram on her nights in the park, and then lies on a blanket beside him. She tends to stay awake most nights to look out for her child, and an ex-partner visits during the night to keep an eye on the pair, she said.

Te Wani spends her evenings at the house of a friend, who she pays $40 a week for meals, before returning to the park or – if she has an offer at the time – another friend’s house to sleep.

Manaaki has respiratory problems, and she has pancreatitis due to a history of heavy drinking.

The woman tenting on the section with a disabled child may well be a sad tale but it is hard to have sympathy for Heather Te Wani, convicted criminal.? Most of her problems seem to be self-inflicted:

  1. She says she does not ?want to be a charity case? yet wants to live in social housing, accepts food parcels from the City Mission, accepts a benefit and has not mentioned looking for a job (although her theft from previous employers may be an issue there).? Her Facebook has her playing Bingo Blitz as recently as 28th?of May ? surely that is time better spent trying to find employment or housing?
  2. How does someone so bereft of money even afford to access the internet to play games on Facebook? Even if on a phone it means she has a smart phone and a data plan.
  3. Where is her ex-partner living?? If he is worried enough to be checking in on her during the night, surely he can offer her an airbed in the lounge?
  4. ?Pancreatitis due to a history of heavy drinking? ? how does she afford the booze?
  5. ?She received a further four months for stealing from her mother.? ? Can?t really blame other family members not wanting her to stay.
  6. ?She refused to visit shelters provided by city agencies, as she believed they were not suitable for her and a child.? Can?t help someone who won?t help themselves…

The worst part of this is the effect on her child.? She has 3 children ??her older two children, who are in care with relatives?? why is CYFS not uplifting the 3rd when she is clearly not capable of looking after him?

Bludgers will be bludgers and The Press will keep on Pimping the Poor.


– The Press