The soapbox

The soapbox is?an experiment.soapbox

Commenters have asked for a way for the quieter voices to have a chance to shine.

Here are the rules

1. You can create a comment on any topic at all, as long as it?complies with the commenting and moderation rules

2. NOBODY is allowed to reply. ?Not directly or indirectly. ?Also, please don’t reply to a comment here in General Debate. ?The idea is for people to have a go without the pressure of entering into a debate.

3. This is meant for serious comments. ?No jokes, photos, one liners, etc

Here is a suggestion

If you are already a very vocal commenter on Whaleoil, please pass the Soapbox by. ? If you see something here that you absolutely want to reply to, then go to the General Debate post and STILL DON’T REPLY. ?Seriously. ?The idea is for people to come here and share without the risk of getting overwhelmed?by the usual crew.

Think of the comments to this post on a number of short daily essays. ?Not for discussion, just for reading. ?Any replies or comments that are deemed unsuitable will be deleted.

HINT: ?You can of course show your encouragement by upvoting the comments you like. ?This isn’t about AGREEING with the comment, but showing appreciation.