Socialist Ratbags running for National in Wairarapa & Tukituki

Certain National candidates disgust me. People who believe in corporate welfare or subsidies are the top of the list, as they are basically socialists dressed in blue.

socialist ratbags

Alastair Scott and Craig Foss are campaigning to give 150 farmers in Central Hawkes Bay a massive cash handout, and a massive handout in the form of the right to pollute.

What is less well known is both are very, very wealthy men having made fortunes as money traders.

If the dodgy socialist dam is such a good idea, and if Scott and Foss are hellbent on seeing it proceed lets see them put a $1m of their own money in the project, rather than bludging off the public. Foss claims often he is richer that John Key, let’s see him chuck a million of his own money in the pot rather than pushing for government and ratepayer subsidies.

That?s the challenge to Craig Foss and Alistair Scott.

Either put up or shut up.