Trojan Horse school runs lessons in holy war


Taxpayers money goes towards running public schools in the UK, yet those schools have basically converted to run under full sharia regulations.

Teachers at the school in the centre of the Trojan horse scandal are intimidated by their leadership while management have failed to combat extremisim, a damning report has revealed.

Park View Academy in Birmingham, the alleged target of a takeover plot by Muslim hardliners, has also been accused of failing to warn its pupils about conservative ideals.

It follows revelations that?children are given lessons in jihad and are being told it is justifiable to take up arms in a holy war.

The school was previously rated as outstanding by education watchdog Oftsed, but will be downgraded to inadequate next week after a string of allegations condemning the way it is run.

The publication, leaked to?The Guardian, is set to be released on Monday and accuses the school of failing to train staff in anti-extremism.

Imagine having your public schooling in a state where staff have to be trained in anti-extremism. ?Who would possibly want to be a teacher in a school system where that is essential?

Last night, it was revealed the school?s website describes how a lesson is devoted to jihad under a section on ?Living The Muslim Life?.

Pupils study topics such as ?what is a just war??, ?when can Muslims take up arms?? and ?conditions of jihad?.

– Mail Online