Whoops, attempts at reducing climate footprint have massively increased air pollution in London

You may have heard of Anthropogenic Global Warming or that man is to blame for the warming of the planet. It’s a fallacy but many in governments around the world have bought the spin and so they pass laws to improve our carbon output.

Now we have Climate Scientist caused pollution…because in reducing the carbon footprint they have massively increased other pollutants.

Bloomberg reports:

London has a dirty secret.

Levels of the harmful air pollutant nitrogen dioxide at a city-center monitoring station are the highest in?Europe. Concentrations are greater even than in Beijing, where expatriates have dubbed the city?s smog the ?airpocalypse.?

It?s the law of unintended consequences at work. European Union efforts to fight?climate change?favored?diesel fuel?over gasoline because it emits less carbon dioxide, or CO2. However, diesel?s contaminants have swamped benefits from measures that include a toll drivers pay to enter central London, a thriving bike-hire program and growing public-transport network. ?

?Successive governments knew more than 10 years ago that diesel was producing all these harmful pollutants, but they myopically plowed on with their CO2 agenda,? said Simon Birkett, founder of Clean Air in London, a nonprofit group. ?It?s been a catastrophe for air pollution, and that?s not too strong a word. It?s a public-health catastrophe.?

Tiny particles called PM2.5s probably killed 3,389 people in London in 2010, the government agency Public Health England?said?in April. Like nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, they come from diesel combustion. Because the pollutants are found together, it?s hard to identify deaths attributable only to NO2, said Jeremy Langrish, a clinical lecturer in cardiology at the?University of Edinburgh.

?Exposure to air pollution is associated with increases in deaths from cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and strokes,? Langrish said. ?It?s associated with respiratory problems like asthma.?

The?World Health Organization?says NO2 can inflame the airways and worsen bronchitis in children.

London isn?t alone in having bad air in Europe, where 301 sites breached the EU?s NO2 limits in 2012, including seven in the British capital. Paris,?Rome,?Athens,?Madrid, Brussels and Berlin also had places that exceeded the ceiling. The second and third-worst sites among 1,513 monitoring stations were both in Stuttgart after London?s?Marylebone?Road.

?Nitrogen dioxide is a problem that you get in all big cities with a lot of traffic,? said Alberto Gonzalez Ortiz, project manager for?air quality?at the European Environment Agency, which is based in Copenhagen. ?In many cases it?s gotten worse because of the new fleets of diesel cars.?


– Bloomberg