Another Countdown bullying stuff up, at least they’ve apologised for this one


Earlier today O post about Countdown and their CEO bullying and gangin up on the FGC and Katherine RIch.

That bullying is doomed to failure but will they apologise for it like they have done for the bullying of a customer.

The mother of a pregnant woman who was wrongly accused of theft over an instore intercom at her local supermarket said staff denied that the incident occurred when she called an hour later.

Cherisse Martin, mother of Rikki Cooper, said her daughter rang her in tears after a female staff member at Countdown Dinsdale, in Hamilton, used the store’s intercom system to track her movements.

Cooper went to the Countdown on Thursday for her weekly grocery shopping when over the speakers she and other shoppers could hear a female staff member describe her as a “Maori girl” who needed to be watched.

The incident has sparked outrage across New Zealand and a Facebook account has been set up to boycott the Countdown supermarket on Whatawhata Rd. ?

Martin said after she received a call from her daughter she immediately got on the phone to Countdown Dinsdale last Thursday evening.

After explaining to the female staff member what her daughter had told her, she was shocked by the tone the manager took.

”I said why on earth did this happen over an intercom? She said that the incident didn’t happen; that she had been there all day and it did not happen.”

Martin believed her daughter and was horrified at the lack of professionalism shown by the staff.

”I think anyone who has been in a situation where they have been followed, or stared at by staff of any store while trying to buy things will understand how unsettling this experience is.”

The family have had a formal apology from Countdown management and have been offered a shopping spree at any Countdown store of their choice.

The dolly birds handling their PR under instruction from Sue Wood are dreadfully out of their depth.

The PR disasters will keep on coming. I wonder if they will start apologising to their suppliers.


– Fairfax