Arrogant and out of touch? I don’t think so

Labour has a mantra that John Key is “arrogant and out of touch”.

I guess with the #TeamKey approach you might have a slight chance of making that stand up, but only a slight chance.

Jerome Mika is typical of many candidates, putting these sorts of messages on Facebook to chivvy along the sycophants.


Jerome Mika, along with all the Labour party and hard left activists sincerely believe this mantra of misery.

There is no way that claim can be levelled at National, not when?50% of New Zealand in those dreadful rogue polls support National.

The voters certainly don?t think National is arrogant and out of touch according to all those rogue polls.?

The sooner Labour realise that constantly bagging the country and the most popular government in living memory the sooner they will realise that they actually need to start producing policies that Kiwi voters like and selecting candidates that have an appeal to someone other than minority interest groups and unions.

Then and only then will they start to look like a government in waiting rather than a bunch of tired, worn-out, over-paid clowns lurching from one dud gig to the next. Take Trevor Mallard’s desire to resurrect the moa…yeah that’s a vote winner…Not!

If your messaging doesn’t resonate then your messaging is wrong. The smart change and losers stay on the poor messaging.