Auckland Council admits there is no evidence of support for the Central Rail Loop

On a number of occasions Mayor Len Brown has claimed that there is overwhelming public support for the central rail loop.

To see on what this was based, on?June 12?one of the Ground Crew lodged a LGOIMA request with the council.

To : Len Brown

Under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act?could?you please provide all material,in printed or electronic form,?provided to or by?the Mayor/ and or Councillors?showing the level?of?public support for the planned central City Rail Loop.

In particular please provide the?results of all?opinion polls carried out which indicate the levels of support for the CRL?and the methodology under which these polls were conducted.

Could you please acknowledge receipt of this LGOIMA request and provide a date by which the information will be made available.

Could you please provide the answers in electronic format by email.

Thanking you in advance

The council failed to respond and so the Ground Crew member asked again. ?

It seems Len?Brown’s declarations of overwhelming public support are based on his imagination.

Here is the official response from the Council.


So there is no physical evidence to support Len Brown’s claim.

Here is the full response.

Auckland Transport admits no evidence to support