Clare Curran prepping for pimping the poor

It looks like Clare Curran is recruiting some poor for a pimping the poor story soon about damp houses with flood risk.


Either that or it is a story about how global warming is affecting water levels…though that would put paid to the claims of a cold damp house…so the reality is she is lining up some cub reporter to run a poverty story and how uncaring John Key’s government is in letting people live in cold damp houses.

Of course she ignores the fact that Dunedin is almost always cold and damp and the people of Scots stock are genetically predisposed to such miserable conditions.

Labour though has a really bad habit of doing this and the more stupid amongst them, of which Clare Curran is one, use social media to broadcast their intentions.

Oh well at least she isn’t talking about resurrecting the Moa.