A comma – rather than a full stop

After Labour’s dreadful internal polling which showed that 75% of Kiwi voters thought he was wrong to say sorry for being a man, he has stopped repeating it and instead moved to play it down.

Quite apart from the fact that he hastily scribbled the apology statement at the start of his speech while sitting and waiting his turn, he is now trying to mitigate it.

I dunno if I was the only one who noticed that in his weekend interviews, David Cunliffe tried to blame the ‘misinterpretation’ of his apology for being a man on a comma – rather than a full stop.

Personally I can’t see how it makes any difference, and it ?the sort of excuse he has made before on policy stuff ups.

So I dug into my archives and dredged up his other error, where he promised every family $60 a week – when only about half qualified – again – it was just a drafting error. ?Yeah- Right.?

David Cunliffe really is accident prone, with a policy announcement a week from now until the election his mouth is going to be mighty sore from changing feet almost every day.

David Cunliffe for PM? Just Nah.