Why are Corrections pandering to Maori made up protocols?

Anne Tolley needs to call in the head of Corrections for a please explain after Corrections made arrangements for a locked up criminal to view the body of his gang associated son?killed in a gang related attack in Opotiki.

Maori protocol issues have enveloped moves to take the body of a stabbing victim to a Turangi prison, so his jailed father can farewell him.

Joe Collier was stabbed in a gang-related attack in Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, on Sunday. He was to have been transported 141km from Rotorua to arrive at Rangipo Prison at 11am today.

Rangipo was in lockdown to prepare for his arrival, and the Taupo-based Tuwharetoa iwi have “expressed concern” it was not properly consulted about the body being taken on to its land.

Tuwharetoa kaumatua Tuatea Smallman told the Taupo Times this was against protocol, which dictated Tuwharetoa were meant to be told first and to organise the trip.

Smallman, who worked at the prison for 22 years, was heading there to meet officials to discuss the issue this morning. ?

Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board Chief executive Topia Rameka said, while he was initially unaware of the issue, prison officials told him it was an operational issue.

“They have got protocol that they have to follow and we respect that,” he said.

Prison guards said they would have preferred the father to have been escorted to the tangi. The decision to bring the body to the prison was a directive from above.

How about no body gets delivered for a viewing and pappa crim stays in jail.

I bet no other person current residing at Her Majesty’s pleasure gets to view the body of their deceased son.

What a ridiculous contrived situation.

– Fairfax