How we deal with sex offenders: compare and contrast

On the one hand we have a “NZs Rolf Harris” that has pleaded guilty to charges but nobody is legally allowed to tell anyone who he is.  We can’t see his photo.  We can’t talk about what business he runs now.  We can’t tell you what he used to do for a crust.  And we can’t even tell you all the other incidents of “Rolfing” he’s got up to because all of it would breach name suppression.

Compare that with this.

10298009A Hamilton man busted with more than 1000 child sex abuse and bestiality images and movies says he was addicted to them after getting depressed and losing his sex drive.

A veteran police officer described the images – that feature children as aged as young as two – as some of the worst he’s seen in his 37-year career.

Craig Owen John Wyber, 35, avoided a jail term after admitting 20 representative charges of possessing objectionable material and three charges of distributing objectionable material after being sentenced in the Hamilton District Court on Thursday. The charges carry a maximum jail sentences of five and 10 years’ respectively.

Judge Denise Clark said although the charges most commonly resulted in prison sentences, she was swayed by submissions from Wyber’s counsel Phil Morgan QC.

Morgan said his client had been getting treatment after voluntarily admitting himself to the Safe Network, an organisation that treats people with problematic sexual behaviours.

“The community interest here is having someone like the defendant stopped … treated for what really is sexually deviant behaviour,” Morgan said. “He obviously has a good prognosis for the future. It would be a terrible shame if the good work that has been carried out by Safe thus far is put at risk by taking him off to prison and spending months there being a lonely man suffering from depression and then released into the community when we have this opportunity.”

Morgan, who labelled the images “revolting”, said Wyber had also been offered a suitable home detention address by his dairy farmer employer in Ohaupo. The court heard police came across Wyber after they were carrying out “covert inquiries in a peer to peer file sharing network”.

That allowed undercover police to access Wyber’s files that were stored on his laptop computer that depicted sexual abuse of children. Police learned Wyber had been sharing the files for about a year prior to searching his home in November last year.

Analysis by the electronic crime laboratory uncovered 500 images and 650 videos deemed objectionable.

“The material seized depicted children engaged in penetrative sexual activity with adults and other children.”

Two of the files depicted bestiality involving a horse and dog.

Photo.  Full name.  Full details of the crime.

But Craig isn’t a prominent person.   He gets to enjoy the full exposure of the law.

The victim on “NZ’s Rolf Harris” wants the name suppression dropped.  It is only “Rolf” that is benefiting from his ability to hide behind the law.

As it is, he got away with pleading guilty in exchange for a discharge of conviction.

Why he should then also continue to be unknown to the public for the sex pest he is continues to be shameful.

I believe there is no rape culture in New Zealand, but there is definitely a long standing practice of protecting people who have further to fall due to their public profile.

Let them fall.


Commenters should not write anything about “NZs Rolf Harris” that might assist in identifying him.  This includes any instructions, hints or ‘cute’ sideways references to locations on the web or searches one might do to find out who it is.  Anyone trying it on will receive a permanent ban.


– Belinda Feek, Waikato Times


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  • KGB

    I am probably the only person in the world who doesn’t know (as usual), so I have “no comment” :)

    • Blue

      I can join you, I don’t know either.

      • KGB

        So nice to have uninformed company

        • 4077th

          Now you sound like The Cunliffe’s advisory team!

          • KGB

            Yep you, me, and cunny.

          • Dave

            Not really, you see, Cunliffes advisory team don’t know, they have no idea. at least the posters know they don’t know!

      • SVlover

        Same here.

    • Dave_1924

      Very easy to find. I found it and I’m rubbish at google searches. But I won’t incur the wrath of the Mods by saying any more, apart from the fact i am very disappointed in the guy….

  • Medium Sized Des

    Absolutely appalling that NZ Rolf is allowed to get on with his life as if nothing happened, hob knobbing with politicians etc. Muppets on the left screaming for JK to apologise for something he had no control over, while silently condoning DC. It’s a sad state of affairs. Meanwhile, I hope the bloke pictured gets the help he needs.

  • Damien Cavendish

    I agree with Cameron’s ‘let them fall’ remark.

    How difficult can it be for well known people – politicians, sportsmen, businessmen, broadcasters, comedians(!) – to follow some simple rules:

    1. Don’t be a pervert
    2. Don’t rip people off

    I think the ‘rules’ in NZ are fairly simple and easy to obey and anyone who thinks they can do whatever they want should be condemned, not in a medieval ‘Star Chamber’ way, but certainly not protected by name suppression.

  • timemagazine

    I couldn’t finish reading this post. It is so disturbing and we have to be nice and protect these predators.

  • Kitschinsync

    I love how they do it in the USA and even better was the police statement that the father was just doing what any father would and they would not press charges against the father.

  • Jack Clarke

    Lead the way Cameron, this protection of the Oligarchs thing is ridiculous.

  • OhopeBeachBuoy

    That guy looks so…normal. That’s probably the most frightening thing; Rolf Harris and Savile were obviously dodgy looking folks with the notorious ‘paedosmile’…

    • Nige.

      I don’t understand how a lawyer can defend someone on such charges. I don’t understand how anyone can make excises for scum like this.

  • snoop

    I asked my Dad last night if he knew the name of NZ’s Rolf Harris …
    Dad said that he didn’t … but he does now … and my Dad knows lots of people …

  • Bruce S

    We have the legal system we vote for! Perhaps a referendum to rectify?

  • Ginny

    Only when this NZ Rolf Harris is outed will he be able to get the treatment he needs. He is a sick man, his behaviour is not normal.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Ever notice how most of these men caught with child pornography are middle aged white guys, and a lot seem to be teachers or teacher aids? Or scout masters or church leaders?

    • OhopeBeachBuoy

      I think the predators seek out jobs that put them in proximity to plenty of potential victims. How many priests don’t really give a fig for the farter, the sun and the holey groat, but are just there for the access…

      • Dave

        Endless supply of victims, seeking out the infirm or those marginalised, easy prey. This is why I believe they need to be locked up forever, like a dog that has killed an animal, they can never ever be trusted.

    • Orange

      As you’ve looked into the statistics, could you tell us how many of them are regular commentators on blogs?

      • Damon Mudgway

        They are EVERYWHERE dude. They are like deeply ingrained skid marks in Nanas undies. Almost impossible to rinse out completely.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Justice is about the public seeing problems sorted. It has always been public. The stocks were for public humiliation. Our justice system should have as one of its pillars, public proclamation of wrongdoing. NZ Rolf has been given name suppression because his child (or relative) might get teased. I bet the child doesn’t know what Dad (or uncle) has been up to, but they should. Keep it up Cam, this evil needs continual exposure.

  • Whitey

    You’re right. The problem isn’t any “rape culture”, it’s the culture of protecting high profile people from the consequences of their actions that is the problem. Until everyone is equal under the law our justice system will not be truly just and people like “Rolf” will be able to continue their offending.

  • bart jackson

    There is a very well respected psychologist (wont name her without her permission) who works for both NZ Police and CYPFs (or whatever they are called now) specialising in sex abuse victims and perpetrators who believes that child sex offenders can never be cured. The fact that NZs Rolf isn’t outed is a disgrace. Is right up there with the comedian who got name suppression a few years back for indecencies on his own child.

    • montikaza

      Unfortunately I subscribe to the same belief as the psychologist – you can’t fix ’em… which means they’ll always be a risk.

      • Dave

        Not always, there are ways to stop them being a risk to the community. Chemical castration followed by a lifetime in a secure place with no services provided and no chance of escape.

        • .22 behind the ear is cheaper; am happy I could pull the trigger and get a good nights sleep.

  • Dave

    Here is a point to consider. Given Ms Jan Logie is so anti rape and jumps on the bandwagon when she can, why doesn’t she use parliamentary privilege to name NZ’s Rolf Harris. What’s wrong Jan, is it that he might be able to defend himself, or that there might not be as much publicity in it for you. If you are true to your words, then you would have been first to name this person, who is still in the NZ community, every day Jan. He could be seated next to you, me or someone’s wife or child, Jan.

  • Countiesfan

    Depression and a loss of sex drive lead to him being attracted to images of children being raped. Nonsense. Five years minimum sentence and your image forever on the wall of shame would stop a lot of these guys.