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Damien O'Connor Meme

Damien O’Connor Meme

A former Labour Minister intervened three times in the immigration bid of Donghua Liu including waiving the English language requirement for the millionaire businessman.

Damien O’Connor, in his role as the associate Immigration Minister, wrote three letters to Liu’s advisor

The West Coast MP has said he cannot remember why he granted residency to the businessman

As my previous intervention on Mr Liu’s behalf shows, I think Mr Liu has to date had a positive impact in New Zealand, and to this end, I would encourage him to lodge another application for residence.

There is no explanation of the “previous intervention” of Mr O’Connor

A second letter to Mr Kyd, dated August 9 2005, reveals Mr O’Connor said “it is not my
normal practice to intervene in the established immigration application process, however, I have decided to make an exception in this case.

“I have directed the Department of Labour Immigration Service to waive the English language requirements for Donghua Liu for any forthcoming residence application.”

A third letter? – stated Mr O’Connor had considered the case carefully and “decided to intervene”.

“I am therefore instructing the Department of Labour Immigration Service to gran residence to Mr Liu as an exception to policy.

Mr O’Connor has told the Herald he cannot remember the circumstances in which he granted Liu’s application.

-NZ Herald


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