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Maori King's son

Maori King’s son

Everyone is very quick to be upset with the Maori Prince but how many others from Royalty have committed crimes? In the interest of fairness I have done some research. One of the aspects that stands out with the Maori Prince is the lack of consequences for his actions. Have other Royal criminals got off as lightly? My results are below.


In what marks the first-ever criminal conviction to take a bite out of a royal family member, Princess Anne on Thursday pleaded guilty to letting her pit bull run loose and attack two children in a public park last April, PEOPLE reports.

Anne, 52, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, was ordered to pay a fine of 500 pounds ($785) and fork over another 250 pounds ($393) to each of the boys attacked — two cousins, ages 7 and 12 — at Windsor Great Park near Windsor Castle.

Princess Anne could have faced a much harsher penaltynamely serving six months in prison, or seeing her 3-year-old pit bull terrier Dotty put to sleep. But Judge Penelope Hewitt opted for a warning, ordering that the dog “be kept under control for the rest of her life. … If there is a repetition, that is the end of it.”

Princess Anne

Princess Anne

The family of the boys (whose names were not disclosed for legal reasons) said the punishment was not harsh enough.

“We do not think justice has been done,” they said in a statement. “The dog is still free and is a danger to society. Our children were lucky that they avoided grievous injuries — other children may not be so lucky.”

Anne’s lawyer, Hugo Keith, told the court that she had accepted responsibility and apologized “profusely” to the boys, – -people.com


A key suspect accused Spanish King Felipe VI’s brother-in-law of embezzling public funds in testimony filed on Thursday, the latest twist in a scandal that has embarrassed the monarchy.

The scandal, subject of a four-year investigation by a judge in Palma de Mallorca, soured the reign of former King Juan Carlos, who tearfully handed the crown to his son last month.

Felipe, 46, took the throne on June 19 promising an “honest and transparent” monarchy.

Now he has to deal with the scandal’s fallout, including the threat of Cristina, 49, facing an unprecedented criminal trial on related tax fraud and money-laundering charges.
But he did not implicate Princess Cristina, stressing that Torres and Urdangarin “led the group as its bosses, having absolute control and decision-making power over it”.

Both Cristina and Urdangarin deny wrongdoing. On Wednesday, she appealed against the tax fraud and money-laundering charges she faces related to Urdangarin’s business dealings, arguing a lack of evidence.

Princess Cristina

Princess Cristina

Her lawyers are seeking to overturn a June 25 ruling by investigating judge Jose Castro, which upheld charges against her — a penultimate step towards a possible trial.

The prosecutor, too, has appealed against the judge’s decision to charge the princess.

Cristina sat on the board of Noos and Urdangarin was its chairman. Investigators suspect that a separate company jointly owned by the couple, Aizoon, served as a front for laundering embezzled money..

Questioned in court by Castro in February, Cristina, a mother of four with a master’s degree from New York University, said she had simply trusted her husband and had no knowledge of his business affairs.

Urdangarin and Cristina have been excluded from royal activities since 2011.

Polls showed the monarchy’s popularity plunged due to the scandal, although Juan Carlos’s abdication gave them a fresh boost.

– globalpost.com