Face of the day

Today I want to make a point about Facebook and privacy. It is a lesson I tried to teach my students. If you do not use the privacy options available to you anyone at all can access your private photos. Weirdos, prospective employers and any one at all who has access to the internet.

When researching this post I found many examples of foolish teens who had photos of themselves doing gang signs, drinking, doing drugs etc. However that was just too easy.

So I decided to play guess who instead. GUESS WHO is the face of the day from their posts on their facebook page. It is a person heavily involved in politics. That is all I am prepared to reveal. To make it really hard I will not include any photos of their face.

I am not a facebook friend of this person but I was able to view a few personal photos of theirs when viewing their profile which I personally would not want the general public to view if I was them. ( none of which I have included )



Is the face of the day a Lesbian?


Perhaps they are a Heterosexual?

Last clue

So not a National supporter then….

Someone not afraid to be controversial and who hates America as well as John Key

Someone who hates America as well as John Key and John Banks

Doesn't respect the Police either.

Doesn’t respect the Police either.

Final clue. They consider themselves to be a bit of a Political Activist.

Final clue.

So WHO is Face of the day folks? Any ideas?