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Chloe King

Chloe King

Chloe King

I intend to keep trying to take him down through my blogs I will do it with research, facts and the truth not malicious gossip and flawed arguments.

– Chloe King

Who is this person that Chloe King wants to take down with research, facts and the truth rather than malicious gossip and flawed arguments?

Why, it is none other than my award winning lover Cameron Slater.

After reading what this Melbourne based feminist had to say about him I think it is time for some Feminist on Feminist action.

Unfortunately the sisterhood is unlikely to give me a cuddle as my feminism is fatally flawed as I don’t fancy women but despite that handicap I will soldier on in my discussion that will briefly address her accusations point by point.

Sooo what is Cam accused of?

Cameron Slater?s blogs are rife with sexism, homophobia, racism…

– Chloe King

There are actually many, many, more accusations but I do not have the time or the energy right now to address them all.

Accusation number one, Sexism : Her evidence of Cameron’s sexism is the fact that he questioned the motives of a woman who went public about an alleged incident where a man allegedly had an intent to rape her. He questioned her political motivation and the motivation of the female MP who supported her. Apparently questioning a woman’s motivation makes you sexist. ( and supportive of a rape culture but I won’t bother going there as you all already know that I do not believe that there is a rape culture in NZ.)

The case for the defense: Cameron Slater is a Judith Collins fan. He would love her to replace John Key when he resigns. Judith Collins is a strong, powerful woman. She is highly intelligent and successful. Men who are sexist do not like to see women in positions of power. Criticizing a woman does not make a man a sexist. Cameron criticisms a lot of people of both sexes because he disagrees with them not because of what is between their legs. He takes his daughter hunting with him (not his son ) because she is the one who is interested. He doesn’t tell her that hunting is a guys thing. He is thrilled that he has a hunting buddy.

Accusation number two: Homophobia, now that is an easy one. Cam was huge supporter of Gay marriage on this site. He personally took a lot of abuse because of it. Accusations that he was Gay came thick and fast because they couldn’t accept that a right wing heterosexual male could possibly genuinely have liberal tolerant views about peoples right to love who they love. Cam has gone head to head defending Gay rights against the religious right. These are not the actions of some one who is homophobic. Chloe can marry the woman of her dreams here in NZ and this reality happened because of the war of words that was fought on her behalf and the behalf of all Gay men and women by writers like Cameron Slater

Accusation number three: Racism: Like with the sexism I can only assume that if he criticizes peoples actions and they happen to be a race other than European then she feels he is being Racist. Riddle me this. If the statistics for a certain race are hugely disproportionate to the rest of the country are you racist for pointing it out? He criticizes more European Males on this Blog than any other race since they tend to make up the majority of the Politicians in all parties and he is a European male. Does this mean he hates his own race or is another more plausible explanation that he disagrees with individuals actions regardless of their race?

Anyway her take down of Cam isn’t doing that well and as a fellow Feminist I thought that I should show solidarity? with a member of the sisterhood and bring it to your attention. Unlike her I have access to the largest Blog readership in New Zealand (one of the benefits of sleeping with the enemy)