Five years for ratbag feral killer driver

I was sentenced to die by the mob and my daughter to be pack raped by the ferals on the?West Coast for daring to use the word feral. They proved my point with their “outrage” and subsequent behaviour.

There was no outrage from?the?left about that or about “a rape culture” existing on the West Coast.

Instead they said I deserved death threats and my daughter by virtue of being my daughter deserved what she go too.

No all the fuss was because I called a bunch of ferals driving around the streets and fleeing police in Runanga feral ratbags.

Well the one drunk feral ratbag who actually cause the mayhem and death has been sentenced, but not so you would know it in the mainstream media who published endless articles about the outrage of the ferals for being called feral.

A Kumara man who caused the death of Runanga man Judd Hall, 26, by driving drunk while fleeing from police at high speed was sentenced to five years in prison at the Greymouth District Court this afternoon. ?

Jordan Nathaniel McGrath, 28, was given the sentence with a minimum term of two years in prison on charges of manslaughter, dangerous driving causing injury and driving with excess blood alcohol.

McGrath had previously pleaded guilty to all the charges. He was also disqualified from driving for five years.

The car that McGrath had been driving crashed into a High Street house about 11.30pm on Friday, January 24, just 900m into a high-speed police pursuit during which the Subaru stationwagon reached speeds of 142kph in a 50kph zone.

Mr Hall, who was a back-seat passenger in the vehicle, died at the scene, while McGrath was seriously injured when he was impaled on a length of timber which speared through the car. Kori Jeffcoat was also injured, though not seriously.

Prosecutor Mark Zarifeh said the aggravating factors in the incident included the ?grossly excessive speed? of McGrath?s car, the blood-alcohol reading of 130 to 160mg per 100 ml of blood, driving to avoid police and causing the death of one of his passengers and injury to the other.

McGrath also had two previous drink-driving convictions in March 2007 and June 2003.

Oh look, two previous drink-driving convictions…not only is he a feral ratbag but he is a stupid feral ratbag.


– Greymouth Star