Forget Kristallnacht in Paris, check out the flag burning in Auckland

Mana operatives are deeply involved in pro-Palestinian and anti-Semitic activities around the country.

Last weekend at the protest in Auckland their flags were dominant, alone with Unite union and First union in an around the protests against Israelis protecting their citizens from terror attacks.

Mana is clearly involved in out and out anti-semitism – just disgusting filth when you see images like this.

Mana supporter burning Israeli flag

Mana supporter burning Israeli flag

Some questions that need to be asked of Laila Harre by the media are:

  • Does Laila Harre and the Internet party condone Israeli flag burning by her coalition mates?
  • Is this more proof of Nazi tendencies found in Internet Mana?
  • Should parties which promote hate be represented in Parliament?

Have a look at this image, of a stylised Israeli flag with a swastika on it, this is disgusting behaviour again, and Mana and union flags are prominent in and around this activity too.

photo 1Check out the comments made at the rally as well:


“Every three days a Palestinian child is murdered by the Israeli regime.”

“The firing of rockets from Gaza into Israel has never been the issue. It is a symptom of the real issue, and the real issue is the brutal military occupation of the West Bank, a medieval siege of Gaza …”

“What we must celebrate the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people.”

“We’ve got to isolate Israel in every way possible.”

“What happens to young Israelis fresh out of the defense forces, after murdering and massacring Palestinians, what do they get? They get visa-free trips to New Zealand as part of our arrangement with Israel. Shame. We have to stop those arrangements.”

(Incidentally, Minto also announced plans for a campaign to have the Israeli Embassy in Wellington closed.)

ROBERT REID: (General Secretary, First Union)

“We must do more to make sure we are part of the international movement to bring down Israel and the global Zionist — [obscured by cheering]”

MIKE TREEN: (Unite Union and Global Peace and Justice)

“These people [Jews] come from a race that fought for justice and humility, and has given us some of the most progressive and wonderful ideas. And this ideology they are supporting, this colonization they are supporting, this racism they are supporting is turning them into monsters.”

Banners on diplay:

–“Make Israel History” is seen very close to the speakers.

–“Fuck You Israel, Stop the Slaughter” is seen during the march.



I stand with Israel against this sort of behaviour.

If the Palestinians put down their weapons then peace ensues. If they stop rocketing Israel then live will be peaceful. So long as Hamas wages a war of terror against Israel then they will suffer accordingly.



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  • Sponge

    Ideology trumping intelligence.

    What fools these people are. They disgust me.

    • Nechtan

      Truly “useful idiots”

  • Clever buying, Kim!

    • wanarunna

      I am surprised he wasn’t at the rally, decked out in his nazi uniform waving a nazi flag.

  • Night Stick

    Antisemitism under the guise of being pro Palestinian. Nice to see so many Muslim imports in the demo.

    • Albert Root

      Some Somali refugees I’ve assisted attended. Welcome to New NZ.

      • Night Stick

        Refugees or ‘plants’?

    • STAG

      Deport the pricks.

  • Iera

    MANA have always had the right colours for it – red, white and black

  • Damien Cavendish

    Funny how in the 20th century it was the fascist right who were anti semitic but these days it is the socialist left.

    It was disappointing yesterday in Parliament for Mr Key to move a resolution condemning Israel solely – solely – to shut down the “John Key is a Jewboy” from the left wing parties during the election.

    Our Parliament does not have motions condemning Palestinian terrorism against Israel and the double standard is a disgrace, in my opinion.

    • Grandstream

      If you are thinking of the well known anti-semites, the Nazi party in Germany, it is a myth that they were right wing facists.The Nazi’s were a socialist party and anti semitic. If you look at their roots, the Nazi’s were not too far removed from the Union movement. My Unclee who was a POW in Germany moved to NZ post war, absolutely hated the Union movement here due to his view they were one shirt choice and a goosestep away from the Nazi’s he saw in Germany…..wise man my uncle……

      edit: spelling

      • jonno1

        Correct. Fascism sits in the authoritarian (left) part of the political continuum somewhere between socialism and communism, ie state control but not necessarily state ownership. OK, a little simplistic, and some people prefer a 2D model of the political spectrum, but that’s the gist of it.

  • armotur

    There is something very scary about these people! If they get a sniff of power New Zealand will be the poorer for it. This is the price we must pay for living in a democratic country.
    I’m sure if I burnt a piece of clothing in the Main Street of my local community, I would be immediately arrested. But then I am one person not a mob!

  • jagilby

    What interest does a Trade Union (in any way, shape or form) have in a geopolitical issue happening half a world away?
    If I was a member of these unions I would seriously be questioning on what grounds my fees can be used to take such a partisan position in such a complex dispute.

    To Robin Reid – you’re on the clock of Timber workers, textile workers and check-out kids – how is this little pet whinge you are having going to improve their conditions? Justify to these people why bringing down Israel and Global Zionists (whatever that entails? Killing them all?) is in their best interest?

    • Kip_Dynamite

      I think it has something to do with communists like this moron believing that the Jews are behind the massive global capitalist conspiracy to take over the world through the financial system and enslave the downtrodden proletariat. They must be be destroyed to free us all. Tinfoil hat territory.

      • Edward Bufe

        Same as the Nazi propagators, then it was Hitler, today it is the lefties. It’s their turn now to hate the Jews. The term Racism comes to mind.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      The members of the trade unions represented here tend not to be interested in politics- ergo the union leadership never gets pulled up on their behaviour.

    • BJ

      Maybe they are out pimping for Labour – beleiving that by standing with this group it will win the votes of all Muslims in NZ come September.

      I strongly object to aggressive protests that have nothing to do with our country and burning flags of other countries should be illegal. If they want to protest – go do it in the country where the perceived problem is – not in NZ

      • Edward Bufe

        I have Muslim friends and i know they are going to vote Nats They left Iran because of of the Muslim doctrine. There is less freedom of speech there and also their sons are conscripted to the army at 18 also the education. Not too sure why the protesters came here because they would never be able to protest in their own country.

    • Homer

      Plenty, after all they fund a political party.

  • Jeremy

    So, here is f–k you Israel, not long ago was f–k white New Zealanders by one of their leaders Hone Harawira and his partner Dotcom would like to f–k the Primer Minister John Key whose mother, by the way was Jewish, so what is happening here? This evil and unholy trinity of Minto/Dotcom/Harawira are bad for our beloved New Zealand and they should be stopped now before they cause more damage to our society.

    • Damien Cavendish

      People like me were saying the same things about Minto in 1981 – oh how we have been proven correct!

      • Jeremy

        Thats right Damien, that is exactly where I am coming from.

  • wanarunna

    If John Minto and his ‘friends’ cared on iota for the children of Palestine, the question he would be asking is “What can the world do to protect these children from growing up brainwashed into thinking that Israel must be destroyed”.

    • Dave

      John has one aim, any cause he can inflame and get his mug in front of the camera’s, hes only after the publicity, oh and anything anti government.

      • 4077th

        Would not surprise me if he tops the list of those 80 “unintentionally” surveilled by GCSB. I hope for the sake of our little land they keep a very close watch on him and his dangerous mob.

  • Mad Ike

    Those images sadden me. They document my country’s continued decline into 3rd-world status filled with ignorance and mob-rule.

    • STAG

      NZ is in my view a proud 2nd world country. But we have a diverse and deeply divided citizenship which is determined to tear us apart and will only be happy when we have nothing left to be proud of and have all be reduced to their level of ignorance, thuggery, poverty and our country is no longer seen as a bright spot but a deep dark hole no one with any means at all will want to visit, invest in or live in and certainly not raise a family in!

  • George Carter

    This is deeply disturbing. Interesting that as the leftist rabble have become more and more irrelevant their actions become more and more extreme! Every politician should be out condemning this type of rabble!

    • Cowgirl

      The hysteria has reached fever pitch on the left, as they flail about for the last straw of relevancy.

  • snoop

    Clicked onto the very first photo up above to enlarge it … so I could take a closer look …
    Counted at least 10 people taking photos of the flag burning with their phones …
    Whilst I abhor the actions of these “Psychotic Terrorists in Training” …
    It made me realise how easy it would be to catch people out …
    Any Joe or Joanna Bloggs can become a super-sleuth …
    Becos almost everyone owns a mobile phone …
    Just need … Right Place/Right Time …

  • Dave_1924

    Pretty nasty stuff… Why those Unions need to get involve is beyond me – how does that relate to pay and conditions of their members?

    If Hamas would stop firing rockets then a peace solution could be found. you know like offshore investment from the US and Europe in Gaza to create real jobs and harness the potential of the people living there in return for no bombings, killings and rocket launches…

    i am neither pro or anti Israeli. the situation is so complex and the UN Mandate was poor handled to a transition to an independent Jewish homeland free from the pogroms of European hatred.

    But a solution that gives those in the West Bank and Gaza a fair crack at life has to be found – otherwise the mindless violence will continue

    • Whitey

      The union involvement confuses me too. Hone et al are racist scum, so I’m not surprised they’re anti-semites, but I fail to see what the unions might gain from protesting. The situation in the Middle East has nothing to do with NZ working conditions.

  • Lofty

    Disgusting and disgraceful conduct.
    Not to mention worrying.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Hard to believe this sort of scum are present in my own country, normally they are only seen on the news far from here. This racist, genocidal nonsense makes me sick.

    • Bartman

      Are there any laws these clowns could be charged under – surely this runs close to racial hate speech etc?

      • thor42

        One would hope so.

        Yet if you criticise Islam (even completely calmly and even if you can point out the Koran verses you’re talking about) over in the UK and Europe you’ll almost certainly be arrested.

        What a crazy world.

  • Anonymous

    And there’s your common ground between Mana and Kim Dotcom …

  • Fastolf

    Look at the hatred on some faces and on the signs and symbols.
    The veneer of civilization is very thin in many in that crowd.

  • Bartman

    On Twitter, Selwyn P prompting the MSM to question what’s govt / parties position on #GazaUnderAttack”. I suggested he start with a moderate view and interview Minto. You’d need some ear plugs and soap to wash out his mouth. #rabid

  • Rick H

    Looks like a rent-a-mob of the stupid and jobless.
    Can’t even read, to get placard up the right way

    • Night Stick

      If it was in Arabic they would have it the right way up.

  • Sally

    The sad thing is a lot of those marchers, would not even know what they are protesting about. Give them another cause and they would do the same thing.

    • James M

      Agreed. I got into an argument with somebody yesterday who was in support of Palestine. I asked them who, how & why this was and with no valid answer I closed the argument with “well if you aren’t from either state, shut up”.

      Who really knows why they fight, I don’t. I also find it hard to care as it seems like violence for the sake of violence. And at the risk of sounding like a redneck. As long as they keep it over there I don’t care.

  • Rick H

    What are they actually chanting?
    to my ears, it sounds like “Jew Free Palestine”

    but by the time a few rows of scumbags have passed by, it sounds more like –
    “Free Free Palestine”.

    In other words, the shouters are not actually shouting their message.

    • Night Stick

      They are mainly Arabs so their grasp of English is poor.

    • Edward Bufe

      No they are saying go to W,I.N.S everything is free

  • Quinton Hogg

    The people in that protest would accuse this blog of hate speech, without seeing the irony.

    • Edward Bufe

      What is irony

  • George Carter

    I don’t believe burning flags constitutes a peaceful protest and those responsible should have been arrested on the spot. This is the sort of c**p reserved for brainwashed extremists in the fanatical parts of the world, not to be encouraged on the streets of New Zealand

    • Euan Ross-Taylor

      Totally agree. This is hate speech and is a crime in our country – or so I thought!

      • Night Stick

        You mean Susan Devoid should get involved?

      • Skydog

        Burning the nz flag in nz isn’t a crime. Victoria Morse was acquitted of this act by the Supreme Court. She did it in front of a crowd at an ANZAC day ceremony. Just crazy!

  • richard.b

    I bet if you held a protest march against the Treaty of Waitangi and started burning Mana or Maori Sovereignty flags you would get closed down. Or just given the bash.

    • Jono

      Burn the Mana flag!

  • timemagazine

    Every decent and peace loving person should stand with Israel.
    The swastika is an ancient symbol for innocence in the Hindu tradition. Those people are so stupid.

  • Lofty

    The fact of the matter is that these haters are allowed to get away with their disgusting and shameful conduct, with no punitive measure taken they will only get more daring and increasingly violent. It is only a matter if time before the ringleaders muster enough useful idiots to do their bidding and escalate the filth.

    We don’t have to look very far over the ditch to see how it pans out.

  • Jas

    Be interesting to see what Leila’s and the female union members opinions would be on the fact that most of muslim protestors would consider them to be second class citizens who should do what they are told and could be used whenever the males wanted to use them.
    Also be interesting to see what their opinion is on a religion that says anyone who is born into that religion but decides to leave it can be murdered.

  • James M

    Whenever I see a flag being burnt I find my self thinking “I hope that burning polyester flag clings to your skin, that will teach ya!”.

  • Dave

    The police should have STOPPED the man with the F…. you sign immediately, Peaceful protest is one thing, offensive language is another. If I quietly sat in a public place with such a sign, i can guarantee i would be moved along or prosecuted. Why not this rent a mob.

  • Wine Man

    While these people protest more innocent children and their families die at the hands of Hamas. This is what Hamas want, the position themselves next to hospitals and apartment buildings knowing the outrage that will happen, they also know that the majority of these families and children will typically turn their anger onto Israel not on Hamas, thus becoming supporters and members of Hamas ( fertile ground for more members).

    What they and their supporters around the world fail to ask is how do you reconcile this anger to Israel with support for a terrorist organisation that uses its own people with so little regard. They should also ask them selves if Israel was so bad why have they not attacked the West Bank? why Can Israel live in relative harmony with the people on the West Bank but not with the Hamas in Gaza?

    But then again maybe I assume too much in that the average person who protests at these rallies and attacks Israel might actually have a brain.

  • RedgeNZ

    Does anyone really think Mana supporters would understand what is going on in Israel/Palestine?
    Most of them can barely grasp the laws in their own country.

    • George Carter

      They think Hone is God and DotCrim is the new Messiah, says it all!

  • Alloytoo

    Note the use of the word “Regime” to describe the Israeli government. The emotive language used to try and paint the Israeli government as intransigent and unchanging.

    In reality the Israeli has a democratically elected coalition government. It’s citizens enjoy franchise irrespective of race, sex or creed.

    Can the same be said for any other country in the region?

  • Ben

    Fortunately it looks like the herald and stuff are ignoring it for now or it certainly isn’t prominent on their homepage

  • caleb

    MSM running with this disgrace?

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Not to mention the USA Flag which is burning behind it. Given the special relationship we share with the US from the last global conflict; I would have thought that a lot of older Maori would be quite embarassed by such a blatant disrespect. Do Mana think the Japanese would have embraced the Treaty, negotiated settlements, Maori Language Week and any number of funding pathways for Iwi?

    • Ramsey

      don’t cunliffe yourself – no need to apologise ;-)

      • Salacious T Crumb

        Haha I won’t however if I ever see Minto in the street I will tell him to vigorously autocopulate…

  • Blokeinauckland

    If you have time then go and see The Green Prince at the Auckland International Film Festival.

    The Green Prince – Festival Program | Sundance Institute

    This is the true story of the son of Hamas founder Hassan Yousef who once he figured out that Hamas was the problem started working for Shin Bet the Israeli secret service – his actions saved hundreds of lives; though Hamas see him as a traitor. It’s an extraordinary movie and was chosen as audience choice at Sundance- which I’m guessing would be a leftie gathering if you added them all up.

  • cows4me

    This isn’t a union thing, this isn’t a right left thing, this isn’t a communist/socialist thing, it’s a evil vs good thing. These people are evil, now how hard was that to say. The world is heading for a show down against these scum, it’s only a matter of time.

    • Travdog

      It’s not a right vs left thing, but most of them are angry hatred filled lefties.

      • Edward Bufe

        Lets just be PC and call the commies.

    • Edward Bufe

      What the difference between a commie and a socialist. None really, a commie is an extreme socialist.

  • Gaynor

    Those pictures look like a witch hunt from the middle ages. Minto and co sicken me. I grew up hearing my parents and older brothers talking of the war and the Nazi stories from that time gave me nightmares so bad I still can’t watch a war movie without feeling the terror of those dreams. I get the same sinking feeling everytime I hear Dot Com speak or see all this anti Israel stuff..Almost a sense of foreboding and it is scary.

  • James

    Why doesn’t somebody pop over to Minto’s house and fire bangers, fireworks and throw rocks over his fence for hours and days on end. Somebody else can stand there with a stop watch and see how long it takes for him to take some sort of action.

    Although I guess it won’t be all that useful an experiment; the findings “leftist turns out to be hypocrite” aren’t exactly “man bites dog”.

    • thor42

      Yes, and the person must make sure to tell him that “I’m not killing anyone”…….. :D

    • Quinton Hogg

      I disagree.
      That would be as senseless as burning Israeli flags.
      Even though I live within a long nine iron of the man if we were to do that we descend to the same depths that the protesters on Saturday reached.

      • nervus

        Is your house devaluing Q?

        • Quinton Hogg

          Hell no….
          BTW Mr Minto is in fact a paper millionaire as the values in his street are marching ever higher…

          • thor42

            A paper millionaire!
            One of the “1 percenters” eh……… :)

          • taurangaruru

            Proper socialist – “do as I say not as I do”
            Must be good money in being a full time screaming skull

          • Jono

            I always thought Minto was a bit of a hypocrite.

          • Edward Bufe

            Only a bit, that dosen’t wash

          • Jono

            I am very understated, by “a bit” I mean a lot.


    We have seen it all before…very sad!

  • Francis Heke

    What will it take for western media like the BBC to wake up and realise that they are merely tools of Hamas.

  • Sceptical Harry

    So we now know who are all the fringe peripheral hand grenade throwing nut jobs (who support terrorists) are. I truly hope the Police were there videoing and compiling a file of who they are. Swine.

  • Muffin

    Flag burning in Auckland…….…we are letting the intolerant come here. Time to stop.

    • Ramsey

      They’ve seen the images from France or other countries with a history of violent protest. They want to feel “relevant”. As if a flag burning in NZ is gonna register throughout the world. Is anyone watching? Nah, didn’t think so. These activists have no audience and that frustrates them so much.
      But put them in the middle of a violent protest or march in London or Paris, and most of them would run for cover at the first sight of the riot police.

      • Lofty

        It might not register throughout the world Ramsey, but it sure resonates with me.

  • Mikev

    The left and the media are blatantly anti-semitic. Minto states that the issue is not Hamas firing rockets into Israel. It most definitely is as they have been offered plenty of chances to live in peace but refuse even though Israel is prepared to do so. Minto also states that the real issue is the Brutal occupation of Gaza. He needs to study history. This is absolutely not true and misinformation purely to whip up hatred of Jews. The call should be “why dont Hamas accept a cease fire?” If Israel disarmed tomorrow they would be wiped out in a heartbeat, if Hamas disarmed peace would break out. Israel protects it’s citizens (which it has a perfect right to do) with missiles. Hamas protects its missiles with citizens. Given these facts every right thinking person should be supporting the Israelis and bringing pressure to bear on the Palestinians. How can you deal with an organisation like Hamas whose leader states “We love death as much as Israelis loves Life”
    (Incidentally I posted the same comments on The daily Blog …they have been removed!! Liberals my arse!)

  • Garbageman

    What a shambolic bunch of walking talking dole cheques thieving our valuable oxygen, i would be more offended but wont waste my valuable time on a bunch of no-bodies and what drives then to think the way they do, but i will never forget this is what most of this lot would do to our NZ flag as well

    • Garbageman

      • Travdog

        For some reason that reminds me of Colin Craigs hoarding down the road. Must be the creepy eyes.

  • Homer

    There is a lot it could say about this, but broken right down to it, I’m ashamed that I carry the same passport as these uneducated fools.

  • Trần Sơn Hải

    I stand with Israel and support them eradicate those Islamic terrorists called Hamas. Children die because their parent support terrorism, so blame the grown-ups. Israel is just defending itself. Hamas has been terrorising Israeli for years. It is now time to put an end to this madness. An escalated war if need be, would be justifiable.

    • thor42


  • Old McDonald

    Im so angry I made a sign

  • Gaynor

    Interesting very large sign outside New York times

  • bart jackson

    An earlier comment from lofty raised the point about what happens if these idiots escalate. It already has happened. Think back a few years to some characters in the Uruweras … who wernt convicted because of poorly worded terrorist legislation drafted by the labour Govt,, not because they didn’t do anything wrong. These idiots were from the same mould as this mana lot. They had plans to assassinate NZ politicians, blow up Hydro Dams etc (all heard in recordings made public but hardly mentioned in the media) but got away with the proverbial wet bus ticket. Meanwhile the media at the time made a big fuss that 4 of the Police search warrants were illegal. Most conveniently forgot to mention that there were a total of 52 search warrants executed as part of those raids so 48 of them were legal and justified but that never made headlines. Leopards never change their spots and neither do the fringe nutters of the left or their sycophantic media.

  • NotMe

    I just realised, the people on this website pay taxes to keep the majority of these people fed and clothed. Yes, many of them will have jobs, but with working for families and everything else, we are supporting them, funding them to go around and spread this filth, this hatred, this support of terrorism.

    That makes me sad :~(

  • Bart67

    Evil, just evil. They have no concept of how evil this sort of mind set is.

    • Jack Clarke

      How DARE these people get angry with child killers.

      • Hamas are the child killers. They actually put them in harms way.

        • Imran Ali

          And you are an obese, pimply faced, overgrown teenager who needs to exercise more and see more sun. I’m incredulous that someone had an affair with you…yuck!

          • Marby

            That was a mean and childish reply

          • Imran Ali

            I’m sure the children of Gaza would also find the Whale quite mean

          • [MOD] We love people to come and share their views, even if they don’t align with ours. But we won’t allow personal attacks. Feel free to email Cam directly with your views about him, but we do not want to give you an platform to share them with the world.

  • Sally

    Hone is happy with the burning of the flag. I wonder if he would be happy if his Mana flag was burnt because someone didn’t agree with Mana?

  • Tom

    Funny because half the people protesting aren’t in any way related to the countries and areas where its all happening. And if you are from there, get an airline ticket home and protest there.

  • GazzW

    Has labour made clear its policy on the Palestine issue or will they stand by Israel-hater Goff?

  • I don’t care which side of the fence you’re on re the current conflict – and as much as I appreciate last night’s video explanation, it actually goes back thousands of years before 1945 – I don’t ever want to see this sort of behaviour in New Zealand. It’s not in our history (as far as I know), it’s not in our culture and it does nothing to achieve peace. It is an affront!

  • LiberalMuggedByReality

    Watch this video to learn why the Islamofascists and the Communazis are best friends and why John Minto and Mana have become the new neo nazis as they courageously bully the only small jewish kid in the school yard…
    Nice one Minto…Have you made a list of Jewish owned businesses yet?

  • Imran Ali

    Judging by their logic the majority of the pro-Israel supporters here wouldn’t mind if Maori took over their lands and farms as they were the original owners and have a right to it.

  • Wallsingham

    The point is the populist exploitation, yes call it anti-Semitism, for political purposes, getting the idealistic youth vote on September 22. The essence of “scapegoating” propaganda is hate and the Rothschilds, ‘blood libel’ and Holocaust revisionism are good starters. It does however evolve into attacking educating women, removing the physically disabled, elderly and ironically come full circle to removing cheeky Maori “ferals” and tearing up The Treaty.

    Alternatively Minto&Co are notorious for getting rent-a-crowd out to demonstrate for “Support gay whales against Japanese genocidal Kamikazes”. Their credibility with the New Zealand public is relatively low…right now. What was the motto of the Spanish fascists, ‘Down with intelligence, long live ignorance!’